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Donald Trump: Country Club Republicans’ Best Friend

Donald Trump: Country Club Republicans’ Best Friend

Country Club Trump You won’t see many of them at Donald Trump rallies, and in the Republican primaries they are not the biggest voting bloc, but they are the leavening in his bread, his diehard supporters: Country club Republicans. They are his people, his class: the Hummer drivin’, government hatin’, big-house-havin’ country club crowd. Trump … Continue reading »

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  • The universe is a very strange place when looked at through quantum physics. This article gives a brief overview of some of the paradoxes and other mind-benders. Universe Might Be Virtual Reality
  • Relaxation and meditation mp3s -- free from Dartmouth's site. I ran across this link and downloaded some of the mp3s. I suggest trying the progressive relaxation technique. Here is the link.
  • Meet King Antiochus, coming soon to an apocalypse near you. When he died 21 centuries ago he never passed on; instead his spirit waited for resurrection. He's been preparing for his return. Watching humanity until its fruit ripened, ready to be harvested for the New Age. That time is now. To Christians, Antiochus defines Antichrist. He is the "abomination" Jesus warned about. The "little horn" of the prophet Daniel who needs no God other than himself. Yet he is also brilliant, supremely powerful, and capable of saving humanity. It's a recipe for Armageddon. Available on Kindle as two books, total less than $5: Something Coming Book One: The Sacred Mountain. And Book Two: The Second Coming of Antiochus.


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