Yahoo SPAM Me, Yahoo SPAM Me

I wondered how Yahoo is going to survive their competition. I figured it out: SPAMMING the shit out my Yahoo email account.

I have not searched the web for verification of my hunch that Yahoo is approving the SPAM in my email inbox, but no matter what I do, I can’t get rid of it. Mark it as SPAM all I want, my inbox remains full of solicitations to refinance mortgage, enhance sex life or take a fabulous, free vacation. Yes, sounds like the same SPAM everyone gets, except the SPAM is blatant, no clever tricks to slip through the filters.

Time after time I get bombarded with junk that says in the subject heading that it is junk, says in the body of the email that it is junk, and says by the sender that it is junk. When I turn down a Wal-Mart gift card, I get another email for a Target gift card (just give us your pinkie finger and a DNA sample). I mark that email as SPAM and an hour later a Whole Foods offer arrives, like the last identical offer wasn’t tempting enough.

Compared to Gmail, pretty lame. But I’d do the same thing. Yahoo’s most valuable asset is its user base, which might use mostly Google for searches but for years has used an email account, participated in groups and chat rooms, or played games on Yahoo. It is possible, even probable, that I have mentioned in an email or a chat that I like organic foods and video games, which would explain the gift card offers. Yahoo knows all sorts of stuff about me. They want my eyes.

But they’re losing mine. I use Gmail from my calendar after Yahoo’s fizzled. My email accounts are only checked because old friends might use my old address. Too bad. We’ve been good friends for a long time, Yahoo and I, but it’s time we part ways.

6 thoughts on “Yahoo SPAM Me, Yahoo SPAM Me”

  1. What do you want for free email?
    They are looking for eyeballs
    delete the Yahoo acct and
    notify everyone you know that your email has changed! bummer dude. what if my email changes from bellsouth to ATT? Actually , this might be a good thing. I could email the 5 people that I really care to hear from, that my email has changed


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