There Will Be Blood: why good Christians scare me

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3 Responses

  1. bubba says:

    I sense some kind of anger. Maybe Christians are too rigid, Maybe Bush is too Republican and too cowboy. The whole war thing is so fucked up. But on 9/11 I am sure there were just as many dems screaming “get the bastards that did this !!! ” I can’t even imagine Hillary or Obama (Bin Laden) as our leader and Commander in Chief

  2. bubbabass says:

    yes, it is hard to digest sprituality that is forced upon you, it’s kind of like “If you refuse to eat green beans, well something bad is going to happen. Maybe the lack of green vegetables during the formative years…” It’s like , “believe this kid”. and if you do not , well maybe ??? I wonder why fathers and mothers say things like that.

    I see so many reasons that I denied that my father was giving me good advice. Probably because he had no good advice. His dad had not taught him jack shit!. He did not even know that his father has alive for 50 years!. Anyway , the sage advice I got at age 14 was “keep your peter in your pants” !!! more later

    Fortunately ,

  3. bubbabass says:

    yes. it is like, politicians as usual try to appeal to the everybody generation. No relgious agenda or political agenda sits right?, right now in this election year , it seems to be very agnostic when it comes to spitual/social issues. But, what do I know,

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