The hardest decision ever: Clinton or Obama

I’m still wearing an ‘I voted’ sticker, cast my ballot in the North Carolina primary. First-time primary voter here, but long-time political animal who agonized, and finally decided based upon who is more electable.

Sorry Barack.

A month ago I would’ve voted for him. Perhaps even two weeks ago, but Hillary’s argument that she’ll beat John McCain on Republican issues is true, I know as an election specialist; and conversely, Obama, as much as I’d like to see him accomplish the dream, doesn’t stand much of a chance in electoral reality.

Obama supporters who point to national polls showing himself and Hillary running similarly against McCain are shining their asses with their heads. John McCain could declare himself a space alien and the 2008 general election will still come down to a few states like NC, Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, Penn. I happen to have lived in three of those states and can tell you what I’m hearing:

A lot of misinformed, racist-tinged, radically religious slurs against Obama that get talked about around the water cooler. I hear these conversations at work and around town, and every day we get a little closer to what I see coming. As much as I like Barack, tired of the Clinton playbook, it works. The Swift Pastoring of Obama is a seed implanted like flip-flops and French accents. Sorry to have to use this metaphor, but Obama will be tarred and feathered before fall if he’s at the top of the ticket.

Go ahead Dems, hand 2008 to McCain the same as you offered up Gore and Kerry. Give the petty hate machine of Republican politics two barrels of slime to blow all over your candidate, a wedge to drive, a blank canvas to shit upon. That’s what is going to happen. Obama’s fantastic story will be drowned out in the daily noise of presidential campaigning. The petty hate machine will find more Wrights that sticks.

Obama is Karl Rove’s dream come true. Bush’s brain won’t have to conjure hurricanes and disenfranchise voters to steal this election. The tried-and-true Southern Strategy will work just fine. Obama will win the cities but lose the small towns and exurbs which decide presidential elections, unless John McCain grows a second head… that breaths fire and eats babies.

Listening to Obama give his NC victory speech in Raleigh tonight breaks my heart. His oratory rivals Hillary’s husband, but 2008 is a generation ago. As much as I believe in almost everything Obama says, very little of it will filter through to the average voters in battleground states. Unfortunately, those votes are decided upon negative perceptions, and Obama is an open book, while Hillary’s is full. She’ll hammer away at a few pocketbook themes, show she’s just as tough as McCain, and she’ll win.

She’s more electable, and for that reason she got my vote.

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