The End of the Roman Cath. Church as We Know It

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  1. MAN says:

    IN the wrightings of the profet M . He refers to the race of Adem. implying that their are other races on the earth other than the race of Adem.Is this because the race of Adem were made on the SEVENTH day. When good god was resting.After he made the human race on the SIXED day.It says so in the Genosis book of creation.(GOD) MADE MAN ON THE SIXED DAY.THEN IT SAYS ON THE SEVENT DAY THE( LORD GOD) MADE THE RACE OF ADEM.

  2. Mr DeBord

    I was raised catholic and have my beefs with what I was taught. Anything the priests or nuns said was the gospel truth. I found out later that a lot of things that I was taught was misguided church doctrine and not biblical or spiritual for that matter. Think about this, is it a sin to eat meat on Friday?, or not say your prayers before meals? How about the whole idea of purgatory? The idea of priests not marring just encourages sexual frustration. It also encourages men who are ??? to enter the priesthood. The bible says that St Peter , who is considered a pillar (rock) of the church, and some consider the first real pope, had a mother-in-law who Jesus healed. My dad lived with a priest in West VA when he was a teenager, and was physically abused (not sexually). Father Kelly just drank too much. My dad ran away and moved to our hometown to live with his grandmother. I agree that the catholic church is in a downhill spiral.

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