Oh snap! US arms ISIS Terrorists Again

US arms ISIS terrorists and we’re supposed to believe it’s a mistake

Under the category of “not again,” ISIS terrorists have gotten their grubby little hands on another stash of heavy weapons, this time courtesy of supposedly “moderate” militants (as if there is such a thing) in Syria.

The Syrian Liberation Front, confronted by real bullets and bombs, decided that rather than fight as they were trained and funded to do, they would rather just give their US-supplied heavy weapons to ISIS terrorists.

The weapons include rockets and anti-tank missiles.

This habit of supposed allies accepting bunches of US-supplied weapons then handing them over to so-called terrorists is all-too common in the region.

US arms ISIS
ISIS would like to thank the American people for the lovely weapons

In late October, an airdrop of supplies to Western-backed troops in Kobani, Iraq went off course and ended up in the hands of ISIS militants who were desperately in need of being rearmed. The Pentagon blamed the wind. The Iraqi government blamed inexperienced air crews.

I blame the people who want ISIS to have the weapons to overthrow the Syrian government and destabilize the region.

Don’t worry though, supposedly the air drops were destroyed. Riiiiight.

Here is a quote from the article linked above:

A steady stream of US-supplied weapons are being lost to Isis forces, mainly from the dysfunctional Iraqi army. Isis is reported to have stolen seven American M1 Abrams tanks from three Iraqi army bases in Anbar province last week.

Tanks. ISIS militants stole tanks. But wait, they have fighter jets, too.

Are we supposed to believe these “mistakes” are because of the fog of war? That ISIS militants aren’t being deliberately aided by a hidden hand that wants them to succeed?

Are you seeing a pattern here?

US forces decimated the Iraqi army in three weeks back in 2003. In three months in 2014 a rag-tag militant force a fraction of the size of the former Iraqi military has only gotten stronger and more dangerous. Bombs are dropped, missiles are fired, bullets are shot, but all that seems to resultĀ is Syria’s infrastructure is destroyed.

In June of 2014 ISIS reportedly stole around 500 billion Iraqi dinars, the equivalent of more than $400 million dollars, from an Iraqi central bank. Tell me where any bank in the world other than Iraq (outside of highly secure cities) keeps that much cash on hand. A bunch of gold bullion was stolen too.

Maybe Germany should be looking in Iraq for its gold, because it ain’t in New York where it’s supposed to be. (After the Germans demanded back their gold stored in NYC and London and were rebuffed, suddenly it reappeared…after Ukraine was taken over in a US-backed coup and all of its sovereign gold was flown out of the country in the middle of the night. Hmmm…).

Has anyone asked what will happen in Syria if Assad’s regime is defeated? That is the stated aim of arming the “moderate” militants who in turn are arming the ISIS terrorists. Assad’s regime falls and the next most powerful group in Syria is … ISIS.

For some reason I’m starting to think that’s the real goal.