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Reviewer D. Gulick says, “Something Coming synthesizes the world’s numerous spiritualities, with history, with the contest between the Light and the dark, with adventure, depth of character and suspense. It’s a “must read” for people who love to explore philosophies and ideologies in totally absorbing fiction.”

For the price of an extra large soft drink, Kindle readers can own an original and well-reviewed novel about a Second Coming unlike anything imagined. Extra care was taken to convert the novel and its thrilling sequel to Kindle format, so buyers get the same high-quality as the print edition of this original supernatural thriller.

In Something Coming, King Antiochus Epiphanes lives again, with the help of his reincarnated queen and his followers. He brings peace, signs and wonders, but is hated by fundamentalist for his persecution of Israel long ago that sparked the Maccabean Rebellion. Will his second coming fulfill the prophecies of a coming New Age of enlightenment, or is he the Antichrist out to finish what he started?

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Reviewer D. Gulick says, “Something Coming synthesizes the world’s numerous spiritualities, with history, with the contest between the Light and the dark, with adventure, depth of character and suspense. It’s a “must read” for people who love to explore philosophies and ideologies in totally absorbing fiction.”

Another reviewer says: “Something Coming is a spell-binding journey across time, through inner space and back to a jarring reality. The characters are richly drawn and have your heart aching through their epic struggles and triumphs. Ancient mysteries are explained and new mysteries are created. J.M. DeBord spins a tale that seems to mirror our own unfolding world.”

Took 11 years to write and publish, with every chapter rewritten at least ten times, sometimes 20 or more, until as perfect as I could make it. Yes, I’m a perfectionist, and no doubt a mistake or two slipped in, but I guarantee you’ll get your money’s worth. For some readers, it’s the bargain of the year!

And just in case you’d like to save your couple bucks for a soft drink, here’s on older edition of Book One on Scribd:

Something Coming Book One: The Sacred Mountain

Read "Something Coming," a novel about a secular Second Coming

Most of us suspect that something is coming, big changes, enlightenment or apocalypse. Something Coming tells the story of a great ruler’s unexpected return from antiquity, who inspires devotion and hatred and has a plan to rule the world.

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Announcing the release of Something Coming, by J.M. DeBord. In this two-book novel we are shocked to discover that predictions of a second coming can come true in unexpected ways when an infamous ruler from antiquity engineers his rebirth. The story begins with a flash of light and spiritual awakening at historic Mt. Nemrut, Turkey, spreads around the world with signs and wonders, and climaxes in Jerusalem, where a final battle rages between the forces of enlightenment and the forces of repression. Some people see the miraculous events as the beginning of a new age for humanity, while others suspect the machinations of the Antichrist leading to Armageddon. In between are a few people who witness the events first-hand and know the truth. Or is it deception?

Along the way to finding out, we rediscover a grand mountain monument with a message of peace that unites East and West and with a past as the center of a great kingdom led by visionary rulers. One of those rulers is both beloved and despised: Antiochus Epiphanes. To most of the world, the peace he secretly brings to the Middle East and elsewhere is reason to go along and avoid asking deeper questions about the origins of the New Age movement. However, fundamentalist Christians and Jews remember Antiochus as a brutal dictator who almost destroyed Judaism, if not for the Maccabean rebellion, who committed the Abomination of Desolation written about by the prophet Daniel. Descendants of the dynastic family that led the rebellion suspect that Antiochus is returning in modern day to finish what he started. They uncover the truth, but their voices are marginalized in the fervor for world peace brokered by a charismatic priest, Demetrius.

The priest, one of three reincarnated masters of the old kingdom, makes peace in Turkey with the Kurds, then in Iraq between the Sunnis and Shiites. He wears a symbol that calls old souls to remember themselves and their ancient king, and he is a master of both media and magic. Working as an ambassador of the sacred mountain in Turkey, he gains trust around the world, leading a peace movement backed by an all-seeing mind.

Some fundamentalists suspect that Demetrius is the fulfillment of Christian prophecies predicting the Antichrist as a New Age peacemaker. They oppose him, some violently, fighting for what they believe in. But they are up against masterminds in Demetrius and Antiochus, and in standing against them, fundamentalists also stand against the majority of the world. They make their final stand in Jerusalem, a city claimed as home by three religions. None would exist today if not for the same family that stopped Antiochus last time more than two thousand years ago led by Judas Maccabee. Are they repeating history by denying their Messiah, or are they correct to interpret a family tragedy as a revenge attack by an ancient enemy?

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You can also read an interview with J.M. DeBord about the creation of his novel.

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