Understanding homosexuality as a soul experience

By learning to love—passionately love—a member of the same sex, a new understanding is gained. Love does not care where it comes from, only that it is expressed.

Soul Journey
The ancient Egyptians had a basic understanding of the “Journey of Souls.”

Homosexuality is a stage of spiritual growth in the soul’s long evolution during many lifetimes experiencing many different expressions of love. To condemn it is to show spiritual immaturity and ignorance of deeper truth.

You see, life in the body is about learning, most importantly, about love. Through a course of many lifetimes, we experience opportunities for learning to love in all different ways: as a parent, a child, a lover, a sibling, a spouse, a friend, a relative—all of the myriad forms that love can take in relationship. One of the hardest lessons to learn is how to romantically love someone of the same sex.

Homosexuality is scary to straight people, but I’ve had the benefit of knowing—and loving—several homosexual friends. As a rule of thumb, they’ve been kinder than the average person, and the ones who accepted their homosexuality tended to be mature, productive people with interesting viewpoints on life. In romantic relationships they work hard at balance and are extra conscientious. Gay life is not an endless succession of pride parades and drag shows. It can be very difficult to find a community where they are accepted and avoid unwanted attention. Sometimes being gay can be deadly.

Why choose the extra risk and hardship? Souls pick lives that offer opportunities for growth, so gay men and women must choose the experience ahead of time. Biologically they have no choice: They are attracted to the same sex the same way as straight people are drawn to the opposite sex. Asking the question ‘why’ through the lens of the soul leads to the conclusion that a homosexual lifetime rounds out the soul’s learning. To explain further:

Right now you are incarnated in many different lives in many different “times” all connected by your soul. Humans see life as linear because we experience it by the moment—or chapter—one at a time. But in reality, time is a construct of our minds and has no reality beyond that, like a movie. And like a really good movie, this story is totally believable. As humans we are characters, and as souls we are viewers in the audience. (I suggest reading the work of Michael Talbot to learn more about the holographic universe.)

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Seen from this viewpoint, we choose our circumstances—the characters we play—based upon the potential for growth of the soul. This fact will challenge traditional ways of thinking. I didn’t believe it 15 years ago when the insight first came to mind, but investigation has confirmed for me that we control our destinies and choose our circumstances even before we are born. I know why I chose my present life and its circumstances, which leads to the question of why other people choose their circumstances.

Homosexuals choose what can be a rough road, but it is one that pays off if the challenges are met. Physical safety is one obvious challenge; soul searching is another. The majority of homosexuals I’ve known have been racked by the question: Why am I gay? They look around at a world full of people attracted to the opposite sex, with all the benefits included, and wonder why they are excluded. They usually end up hating themselves, internally repeating false messages that they’re an aberration, if they don’t deal with what they are.

Science comes to the rescue by showing that homosexuality, in nature, is a biological adaptation. A preponderance of evidence proves that homosexuality is present in thousands of animal species ,for good reason. One reason is, male-male and female-female couplings are nature’s way of making sure that every child gets a good home by taking in the rejects and extras. Seriously. It’s beautiful to know that nature cares so much to accept any couple willing to care for offspring. Babies in nature get rejected by their biological parents for all sorts of reasons—for being a runt, or sometimes because the parents have too many newborns to care for, and have to choose which ones stay and which ones go. Homosexual pairings happen spontaneously in response to environmental circumstances of all sorts. It’s nature’s design.

By learning to love—passionately love—a member of the same sex, a new understanding is gained. Love does not care where it comes from, only that it is expressed—even to thy enemies, as Jesus instructed in a most difficult lesson. A power is loosed which can change even the worst circumstances. Ultimately, we are called to love all beings—all things great and small—in order to grow beyond the cycle of life and learn to see the universe and everything in it like the Creator. People who condemn homosexuality deny the all-loving aspect of the universe, refusing to meet the challenge of learning how to love everyone equally. Passionate love creates tremendous energy, and every expression of that energy is a step closer to God.

Condemnation causes harm not only to the condemned but to the condemner, because the very objects of our anger are reflections of what we try to deny about ourselves. Behind the loudest voices against homosexuality are latent homosexuals, I guarantee. The boy who calls everyone “fag” becomes the father with a boyfriend on the side. The evangelical preacher who thunders about sinful gays is often subconsciously repenting for inner conflict about his own sexuality. Case in point: Ted Haggard, plus many other less-known cases. The politician who appeals to voters by railing against gay marriage fondles page boys and gets quickies in bathroom stalls. Roy Cohn, the famous homo-hunter and McCarthy lieutenant, was gay. Denial of homosexuality was a theme in the brutal 1998 murder of Matthew Shepard.

(Think about where those murderers are now, locked up for life with a bunch of other horny men. Talk about irony….).

Seen from the audience point of view, the drama of life is a lesson in seeing through the illusions that divide us. We all spring from the same source, so why do we find so many reasons to hate each other? Hate is the real aberration. A life as a homosexual is another way to expand the ability to love, and for that reason it should be celebrated—or, at the very least, respected enough to live and let live.