The Grooviest Dream Book Ever – Dreams 1-2-3: Make Your Dreams Come True

Dreams 1-2-3
Dreams 1-2-3 @Amazon. Available in print and for Kindle.

A great book about dreams that can even help make your dreams come true

When you dream you have access to the best life coach ever, but thing is, coach speaks a language foreign to most folks. It’s a language of symbolism, and it’s not that hard to understand once you learn how it works.

I wrote Dreams 1-2-3: Remember, Interpret, and Live Your Dreams so that both beginners and dream experts benefit from it and really make the connection between their dreams and their waking lives. Living your dreams and making them come true is more than a euphemism; when taken literally it’s the best advice. Ever. I show you how to interpret dreams and use the information to your benefit, written in clear language and packed with examples and tips.

I have studied dreams for twenty years and know the theories of Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, Ann Faraday, Robert Johnson and many more, but I spare you the gritty details and academic jargon and just show you how it’s done. I think dream interpretation is understandable by everyone if they see their dreams as stories with details based on their waking lives. I make it as simple as possible while detailed enough to really get the ideas across.

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A groovy book about dreams

I took a sabbatical from blogging to write a book about dreams and dream work, titled Dreams 1-2-3: Remember, Interpret and Live Your Dreams.

Dreams are the ultimate life coach because they know you in ways you might not even know yourself. But to most people, their life coach speaks a foreign language, and they only understand a little of what they’re told. Learn to speak the language of dreams and you understand them like never before, discovering that they advise about every area of life: work, family, school, friends, feelings, love, ambitions, needs. Dreams can even predict the future and show you your soul.

Dreams solve problems from work and personal life. They show areas that are active with potential for growth, and areas that are inhibited or blocked. They are concerned with health of the body, mind and spirit, offering suggestions on ways to improve health and warnings against detriments. Dreams can also communicate with spirit and connect with all spirits, passing information along an invisible network.

In Dreams 1-2-3 I teach not only how to decipher what dreams mean, but how to remember and apply them to your life. Dreams contain information to benefit you, and ultimately they are a call to action. Sometimes they are a simulation to show you how you would react under certain circumstances. Sometimes they revisit unpleasant scenes from the past, trying to help you move forward.

Screw paying $50-$100 an hour for someone to tell you what you already know, which is what life coaches basically do. Find out for yourself from your dreams (my book is only $3.99 for Kindle. Print edition coming soon). Many famous folks like Einstein and Stephen King used their dreams to create great works of science and literature. So at the very least, by knowing how your dreams work you can improve your creative life and do your job better. But if you really follow your dreams and work at them regularly, you’ll find that you can become a calmer, more aware, more successful, more loving and more giving person.

In Dreams 1-2-3 you’ll learn about nightmares, recurring dreams, animals and insects in dreams, dream characters, structure, settings, and much more. Examples from dreams I’ve interpreted enliven the book by showing the dream interpretation process in action and teaching step by step how I break down a dream and rebuild it using the dreamer’s associations. And since I believe in learning by example, I’ve used dozens if not a hundred or more dreams from my life, my partner, my friends, and my work as a moderator at the Reddit dreams forum. Drop by and ask for RadOwl — it’s a great community for sharing dreams and experiences.

You can read the first three chapters in a free book sample I uploaded to Scribd. It spells out the basics of remembering, interpreting and living your dreams. I’m going to try to embed it below — it works sometimes, and sometimes it doesn’t, so use the direct link if you need it.

Thank you for your support as I make this transition to author and dream interpreter! I promise that more groovy writing is on the way!

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