Open source software for writers, designers and musicians: yes it is free

The last few days I have been glued to a computer screen working with two free, open-source design programs, and I’m so appreciative of the free love, I’m going to spread it. Here are some great free programs that you can trust:

Open Office – Stick it here, Microsoft, all of your expensive Office programs given away must make your employees wonder whether to keep investing their 401ks in company stock.

GIMP – Same for you, Adobe Photoshop. I’ve yet to find anything payware has over the freeware. I can layer, mask, screen, filter, script, add text, edit photos, crop, scale….

Inkscape – Same for you, Illustrator. Vector graphics for flyers, posters, web pages. Manipulate text, color and shape.

Scribus – Same for you, inDesign. I’ll lay out my own book. It’s called Second Coming, currently being edited by yours truly. Soon….

Audacity – Record music, edit sound, mix, sample and much more. Comparable to CakeWalk.

This is a start. I’ve been in this chair ALLLL day preparing artwork for the launch of the new theme. Here we go….

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