Is abortion murder? A view of abortion and spirituality

A soul might choose a life that’s going to end in abortion or miscarriage for the opportunity to experience brief connection with the mother and her surroundings. Tickets to Earth are in demand out there in the spiritual universe, where we originate, and all opportunities are precious for the soul’s growth. Abortion is in a sense a wasted opportunity, but viewed from the spirit side it is not a hate-filled act like walking into a church and gunning down a doctor who performs abortions.

Abortion and Spiritualityabortion and spirituality

I’ll answer the question in the title right off the bat: Abortion is not murder. It is not sin. To believe that abortion is murder is to deny God’s infinity and eternal love. Creation goes on and on, and the soul is immortal. It will come back at the next available opportunity if the body it has chosen is aborted or miscarries, perhaps returning to the same mother. I’m convinced that is why I am here today.

The arguments used to categorize abortion as murder are based on shallow understanding of spiritual truth. Truth is, the child chooses the parents, and the soul already knows beforehand whether the mother will abort or give birth (or at least what is likely). It knows the general circumstances it will be born into. The information is easily available in the spirit realm.

The scriptures used to portray abortion as murder say that God is aware of us from the time we are in the womb. True. From long before birth, and long after we die, we are all part of God. Just because we’re born doesn’t mean it all began at that moment, or at conception, yet that’s the thinking behind the religious arguments about abortion. They think that the soul begins with the body and can’t imagine what a soul would be doing before birth — it’s in cold storage or something, presumably. What they fail to grasp is, if the soul is eternal, it originated before the body and will continue after the body perishes.

A soul might choose a life that is going to end in abortion or miscarriage for the opportunity to experience brief connection with the mother and her surroundings. Tickets to Earth are in demand out there in spirit land, and all opportunities are precious for soul growth. Abortion is, in a sense, a wasted opportunity, but viewed from the spirit side it is not a hate-filled act like walking into a church and gunning down a doctor who performs abortions. That’s murder.

Akin to murder is inciting people to it. Like the mullahs in the Middle East inciting their people to violence, in America we have preachers and media figures spewing hate and followers carrying out their edicts. We have politicians who benefit from inciting conflict and media that parrot these false arguments, presenting a simplistic view of reality, sometimes joining in the call to violence.

‘Applies to them but not to us’ hypocrisy is why the two sides in the abortion debate are so far apart. The pro-choice crowd refuses to acknowledge that some truths are spiritual, and the pro-life crowd denies any truth but their narrow religious interpretations of it. Abortion opponents, supposedly defending the sanctity of life, are hypocrites if they support execution. We know that 10% of death row inmates have been exonerated by DNA evidence, and to say that it’s ok to execute anyone who is innocent is a complete denial of the sanctity of life. Plus, every life deserves the opportunity for redemption. A Christian should support giving a sinner every moment of life to possibly turn to Jesus. Pro-life means all life, yet it is appallingly prevalent among the devoutly religious in America to support wars that kill innocent civilians—like in Iraq, Libya, and Syria—and conservative policies that favor the rich over the poor, denying opportunities to the least-fortunate among us. Jesus would be ashamed of followers who claim to know him but apparently learn nothing from the example of his life. For crying out loud, the man was unjustly executed!

Abortion will continue to be a fact of life whether or not it is legal, same as it has been for thousands of years. The writers of the Bible were well aware of the practice, and despite taking a thousand years (or so) to create 66 books, they said nothing explicitly against voluntarily terminating a pregnancy. Deformed babies were regularly abandoned to die, and slavery was legal and accepted. We shouldn’t be seeking the opinions of people 3,000 years before our time about a medical procedure.

The Old Testament scriptures that speak for unlimited fertility must be put into context. Back then, every new person contributed to family and country in essential ways. It was good policy to tell people to procreate, same as it was wise to restrict them from eating shellfish (which when prepared improperly can be deadly), and to avoid wearing clothing with mixed fibers (because clothing fiber identified wear you were from). The 40 years that Moses spent with the Israelites in the desert was enough time to spawn three generations of warriors, and they set off under Joshua to conquer a homeland, Palestine.

The world today is already bulging at the seams with people. Population control is not a good reason for abortion, but I’d like you to understand that 3,000 years ago we needed all hands on deck.

This post was inspired by a recent debate with my mother, who is ardently against abortion. When she could not counter all my arguments, she fell back on the old stand-by:

“Well, you know, my father told me that I should just have an abortion when I was pregnant with you.”

That line used to bother me because it made me wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t been born in this body. Would I have ever existed? But as my spirituality and understanding of truth have deepened, I remembered my mother’s first pregnancy. She was only 16, maybe 17, when she conceived a little girl. My soul visited mom in the womb, knowing that the pregnancy would end in miscarriage, for a chance to bond and get ready for the next opportunity. About a year later she conceived again, this time a boy, and that body possessed the attributes I needed to make it through life.

Some people will argue that I cannot possibly remember being in the womb, but to those people I ask, how do you know? If you were a lion born in the zoo, all you would know of the world is the zoo. But step outside the walls and a much larger world becomes apparent. Same with spiritual truth. Sometimes what we are taught early in life becomes limiting later on, when what we learn conflicts with what we think we know. My knowledge of the Bible and early lessons as a Christian put a cage around my reason, and any information that came from outside was rejected when it conflicted with the world I knew—the very limited perspective of inside the zoo. Discovering the outside world freed me from the cage, and now the lion is on the loose.

I replied to mom that if she had aborted me, I would have come back when she was ready. She didn’t like that answer. To her, abortion will always be murder. Some lions choose to remain in the cage, and that’s their choice. However, it doesn’t make them correct.

I also encourage you to read what Christina Haas, founder of Unborn Angels, learned after years of struggle following her abortion. Two posts in particular on her wonderful and touching blog stick out to me:

The Transformational Power of Love

Our Unborn Children’s Souls Speak to Us

25 thoughts on “Is abortion murder? A view of abortion and spirituality”

  1. I guess I am the old fashioned type. I grew up in those “happy days” when the fonz and ritchie cunningham ruled the malt shop. Nobody talked about rubbers back then. Maybe more like “do you think I can get a feel on Bettie Joe”

    yes , I am conservative when it comes to social issues like abortion
    Especially when it concerns my own grandchild


  2. My mother always told me she discovered she was pregnant too far into her pregnancy to have a (legal) abortion. But she was a manipulative liar so it was hard to tell if she was telling the truth.

    Twenty-four years after my mom’s “missed abortion,” I found out I was pregnant. I was 30 weeks along and in labor, crowning. All those signs women have; missed periods, weight gain, nausea, blue lines on sticks, they didn’t happen to me. Jenisis refused to wait for this world to know her soul.

    As paramedics rushed to the side of the bed upon which my baby was conceived, I was uncertain if the fetus rapidly leaving my body would be dead or alive. She was alive. Ten fingers, 10 toes, all that stuff.

    But she was always alive, I always knew her soul. And if I had delivered stillbirth that day that wouldn’t be any different.

    So maybe my mom didn’t find out she was pregnant with me until she was too far along for an abortion. I believe her now.

    The day before I conceived my “missed abortion,” my mother died. I knew I always knew Jenisis’ soul.


  3. Also, “A Deeper Spiritual Understanding” either sounds oxymoronic or pretentious.

    And to think, you once asked me to be your editor 🙂

  4. I would have to agree that a deeper understanding is a cop out. You know in your heart that if you had not been born to your current parents that your soul might not exist in the physical realm as you know it, and may never have been born at all. I am disappointed in your thinking. Thank God that your mom did not believe in abortion

    1. It’s strange to me how people can believe in eternal life, but presume spirits come into being at birth. What’s so hard to grasp about being a spirit before physical birth? Because I know I’ve lived many lives, I know I existed before I was born this time. My experience is not yours, therefore, don’t judge.

  5. Thank you J.M. This is a heart-felt piece! Thank you for taking the time to put it on paper and follow thru with posting…

    The healing this writing offers is priceless…. i just want to send you some love and mention if you have paused on writing, please come back to us… as you have inspired me and I can only imagine how many more. Thanks for coming back to us… hugs Lisa

  6. I totally understand and agree with you being very spiritually understand and aware but my theory is that the soul is always with the fetus the baby kicks and has its own personality it must hold a spirit ? Iv had 2 abortions no one who has bee throu this should have any opinion or comment I didn’t want to not keep them it makes me sad everyday I think about them all the time but I know they are home and and with lo e and know I love them so much I thought they would have a better existence there but I know they will come backbi have one son but my snort ion have been before and after him they was the wrong times it would have been hard on them why make it hard on them when they can be happy that is my belief no one comment any think nasty to this please you no my storey my love for them I do t need to explain myself to anyone just wanted to give an insure in how us woman experience to abortiln how we feel we’re not cold blooded or evil that would make you that think that they come back to us but until then they are playing sweet happiness in the light and beautiful heaven xxxxx

    1. There appears to be a connection between mothers and their children no matter if those children are born, aborted or miscarried. That love is the strongest force I’ve encountered in this world. It truly can make miracles.

  7. today i’m having an abortion. Before reading this i was afraid, feeling quilty and alone, scared of making the wrong choice. This feeling is now mostly over and is now a sense af peace i feel deep in my heart and soul. I know understand why this is happening for the second time in my life. This time i will finally start to live and i will have connection with my own inner child what never happend before.
    I thank you very for posting this on the internet. You have changed my live forever.

      1. It did. I wanne share the experience i just had with everybody who needs it
        I have asked angels to help me yesterday during the abortion and the message they gave me this morning is incredible
        look ( also know that i have asked my grandfather who was my best friend when he was alive to take care of the soul and help it to guide me to the point where its okay 4 us both to share live, meaning mother and child.)

        this is my message i got for today.

        gardian Angel: Opal (opa is also dutch for grandpa.)
        Message: ” you’re children on earth and in heaven are happy and well cared for by god and the angels”.

        All i can say to that is thank so much for giving such an experience

  8. Very well written and the message excellent~ I feel this message with my being…. there must be truth to it. A friend of mine told me this years ago… i just laughed. Although i have not experienced this… as I too have deepened my spiritual practice I put no limits on possibilities. So thank you for stretching the mind today.. 😉

  9. Dear friends,

    Very much appreciate this post as it shares thoughts and feelings on abortion from a more spiritual perspective. I am a highly spiritual AND religious person, so I can relate and understand this discussion. I agree that all spirits are eternal, and that there is a sense of cosmic fairness when a spirit is not allowed the chance at mortality, that it can have another chance. However, I also feel that there are eternal consequences to living our lives in such a way that would shut down the opportunities for further growth and progress of another spirit. These acts are our to make, and they have consequences. Now, if our current lives are not in favor of bringing a child into their mortal experience, we have the opportunity to change our behaviors so that we can be life-givers. Even when the circumstance are not ideal, many women have taken a leap of faith, and generously given of themselves to bring a new life into the world. So very many of them have not regretted this sacrifice, rather this life-choice has given them the courage to continue on a life path that has blessed them. By sharing their life and opening the doors for a new life to enter the world, they have been greatly blessing with new added meaning to their life. The new child has saved them. This is the way of all acts that lead to life and peace. I am not here to judge anyone. My only prayer is that we may all find ourselves making daily choices that will increase life in every aspect. Love to you all.

    1. What a great way of looking at it. I tried to make it clear that abortion is not a decision without consequences, that a hugely important important opportunity is lost when a pregnancy is deliberately terminated. But at the same time, the soul is eternal.

  10. I have just recently turned 16 years old and had a medical abortion nearly a month ago when I was 15. By boyfriend and his family are incredibly pro-life which made me feel pressured into what I should do, but throughout my life I never wanted children and am too young I believe. I carry guilt, and am really hurting and let it out crying but my boyfriend and his family don’t understand at all. I read your article that supported my perspective and family’s, I want to tell you thankyou and you have given someone hope.

    1. Dear Sarah,
      From someone who has been pressured and lived in a very Catholic and fundamentalist world, my heart goes out to you. know what that pressure feels like. I think everything happens for a reason and found over the years, decades to be honest, that there was a whole lot more to be gleaned from my abortion than I ever expected or imagined. A good friend reminded me recently that “I get to choose” – we all should be allowed that, for whatever the situation. As I really sink into that knowing, it makes the guilt and pressures imposed by other people less relevant. I hope you feel better one day, knowing you made your choice and followed your intuition. I have blogged about my stories at if you ware interested in more perspectives like this one. Many blessings to you. Namaste, Christina Haas

    2. I feel for you, caught in such a difficult situation. Please tell me you have resolved to always use protection — to insist, if necessary.

      I’m sorry to hear that your boyfriend won’t man up and support you. Beliefs should never get in the way of compassion and supporting one another.

      And finally, if one day you want to be a mother — and there’s nothing saying that day has to be anytime soon — I hope you are blessed. This experience has taught you something really really valuable. If you ever have a child you will cherish it even more. Right now you are grieving what you lost so it’s doubtful being a mother is on your mind, but nothing is lost forever. The God I know loves us too much to condemn us. We live, we learn, and we do better next time. Namaste.

  11. I had unprotected sex with a person I met a few days ago. I didn’t take the plan B. This stranger was born in June 11th and I was born the very same day. The stranger got offended and blocked from FB. I have no way to contact him. This time I feel I have someone inside me. I wrote a letter today to my possible son in the womb. His name is Uziel, which after research in google, means God is Strong. Right now I am 22,I’ve been independent since 16. I have lived a complicated life and my family is dysfunctional. I’ve lived in a shelter before. If Uziel comes into the world, I can put him at risk of being in the streets with me. I have to wait one more week for my period to come, and if Uziel made it, I am gonna have to let him go. I promised him he can come back later in my life when times get better. Right now Uziel, I am very sorry for letting you, but I know you will be better.

    1. Dina, the universe has an amazing way of taking care of those who take care of others. Uziel will help from where he is now to bring into your life what you need. If I was in your shoes I’d ask for a sign. It’s a huge sacrifice for you to give up having him at this time — you never know if the opportunity will come again. And maybe you met the stranger for just this reason. God makes the most from the least. Ask for a sign, and listen for the answer in your heart…please. The decision you are making is momentous.

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