God on their side: recent winners share Christian belief

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  1. Robert Barker says:

    Does God care who wins? Do we think because one team professes a Christian base they will be favored? Swept is more like it by the secular Boston Red Socks. I have a feeling if God hears us at all in our trivial persuits he hears us when we call for the aid of our fellow men.. I am one of those believers in Christ that thinks most the people that followed him were distorting his message from day one. Much of it came through thank God but so many agendas were served with the power of Christ as a banner it was self motivation on many levels. Atruisem that Jesus asks for is very rare but we must struggle to attain it. The Rockies are like all men if they profess strickly Christian adherance then they weaken the faith, not strengthen it. Because when we prove Gods love on a personal level to those that are not followers of christ we are doing Gods work.Resricting our membership is against Gods will to see his love spread, we need to reach out not become exclusive that way is proven false. Robert

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