George the Destroyer

I knew America was in for a wild ride the day after the 2000 election.

Cameras inundating Crawford, George Bush strode forth like a rodeo cowboy – arms flared, chest puffing – and declared himself President. The cockiness to me seemed unbecoming of a man portraying himself as follower of Jesus, but I knew what destructive potential lurked, saw through the good ol’ boy facade to the man we really elected.

The way he slipped into office, pulling out every dirty trick to win, was an omen, tearing the Supreme Court in half like the veil in the Jerusalem Temple. Destroyed forever the impartiality of that judicial body, which contorted itself into a noose to legally justify selecting a President. Destroyed the integrity of the election process, mistrusted by the public.

To think that the man shafted in 2000 won the Nobel Peace Prize isn’t the overreaching bragger as portrayed. Turns out he’s positively brilliant – knows a heckuva lot about the most pressing problem of our times than boy George. Anyone who discounts to politics Al Gore receiving the world’s biggest prize is a fool. We have a hit bottom with our addiction to fossil fuels; we reform or face potential catastrophe, and look who’s leading us down the path of destruction.

Hell, even Bush admits America’s oil addiction.

Look whose first broken campaign promise was backing out of the Kyoto Treaty regulating carbon emissions. Who promptly the day he took office rescinded important environmental regulations, destroying years of careful compromises largely agreed to by the industries regulated. It’s like when Warren Buffett says neither he nor his rich friends need a tax break because they already pay less percent of their income to taxes than their secretaries.

What’s George’s point then?


In the case of the budget-busting tax cuts of 2001, the government’s finances took the hit because boy George slept through economics. His contempt for government and mind prone to sloganeering (he was a male cheerleader in high school and a party hack after college) made him the perfect patsy for neo-conning into believing tax breaks were the best way to spend his Clinton inheritance. He never cared enough to learn better.

Similar to how he starts wars but refuses to fight in them. He vetoes child care for marginally poor children but never worried about who’s paying his doctors’ bills.

Is George the Destroyer a fitting nickname? George loves handing out nicknames, often with a dash of sarcasm, so he should be able to take it, too. Destroyer fits in so many ways.

He earned it by destroying Iraq, blithely replacing a paper tiger with chaos.

And by destroying the basis of the justice process, habeas corpus, which used to ensure that every dog has its day before a judge and be convicted in open court before punishment is carried out. George slept through Constitutional Law, too.

He destroyed the trust and good name of a nation basking in the world’s affection as defender of the West from Fascism and Communism, espouser of high ideals, human rights and democracy. Now, for every torture chamber, election fiasco or unjust war America could criticize, she has one or more of her own.

Long before boy George took the White House, he made a living of destruction. Namely, he took relish in destroying the reputations and lives of political opponents of his family. Back in his drinking days, he destroyed a few good occasions by waylaying unsuspecting journalists and dropping F-bombs in the company of children. Unlike other reformed alcoholics, he never took the step of admitting and amending his wrongs. You mean perfect George apologize? He who can do no wrong, never looks back and comforts himself at night with the thought that history’s judgment on his presidency will wait until after he’s departed the planet?

Let me go on record: I paid close attention during history class and think it’s safe to say George Jr. will rank far below the bar set by his father, somewhere between disaster and miserable failure. If more people had paid attention to our Accidental President before he seized the White House, the 2000 election wouldn’t have been close.

The signs of impending destruction were evident – the smug grin, bouts of vulgarity, cocky attitude. That’s just what the cameras picked up. Listen to prince George talk for five minutes and you wonder how the man doesn’t fall over from embarrassment at his horrendous grammar and syntax. If we stretch the point out we could say that W. also destroyed the expectation that our leaders will be good – or at least, functional – public speakers.

Most telling about George’s destructive nature is found in the difference in his talk depending upon the subject. Discuss health care policy or global warming and his eyes glaze over. He mangles his words looking like Alfred E. Neuman of Mad Magazine, saying something like we should all recycle, or America is addicted to oil. But get him going about hunting terrorists or firing up the execution chamber and he’s clear, concise, forceful. Very convincing, actually. He really means it when he promises to dish out the hurt on the bad guys. Nothing gets Jr.’s juices going more than a few satellite guided missiles dropped in the dead of night from a Stealth bomber.

Like I keep saying, call George Bush whatever you want, I call him George the Destroyer.

Ironically, the Book of Revelation in the Bible, chapter 9, verse 11 reads: “They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek, Apollyon.”

Guess what Abaddon and Apollyon mean?


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