Dancing with nukes: driving N. Korea and Iran into the arms of the Bomb

We wonder why North Korea would restart their nuclear weapons program and risk American wrath in the age of terrorism. Simple: theyádon’t haveámuch choice.After being diplomatically rebuffed by the Bush Administration and labeled with Iraq as an axis of Evil, what choice do the Koreans have? They have the right to defend themselves, and they will with nukes if they have to. Any leader, any country, any culture at any time would make the same decision when threatened, except those that want to be conquered. And the Bush Administration has pushed Korea into this corner, like Goliath saying, ‘Come on, David, I dare ya.’

You know the old story about a cornered animal.

I feel for them, the destitute and subjected cousins of prosperous and democratic South Korea. A terrible drought and famine has inflicted seven plagues on them. The country is desperate and being turned away by the West. Not very compassionate.

The Bush Administration takes a different view: our way or the highway. First, North Korea, you are evil. Now you are easily defeated if that what it takes. If you won’t wait until the American military first takes care of Iraq, we can defeat both of you evil countries at the same time. That’s what secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld said just before Christmas in a news conference. He was really feeling the spirit of the season.

North Korea responded by hurrying up their efforts to make more nukes. For those of you still catching up, North Korea has the stuff and ability to go big, and is rumored to already have a few nuclear devices. They are getting ready, because they think they’re next after Iraq. Bush might poo poo about war, but he did the same shrug of the shoulder with Iraq while getting ready to invade. By the next election Santa Bush will be looking for a new target, and the North Koreans know who’s on the list. They have been very naughty.

Iran has gotten the message too, and is doing everything it can to defend itself. It’s no coincidence that they’re also trying hard to go nuclear; they’re on the list of those to get whacked. No one thinks Iran has nukes yet, but hey, they are evil. They must want the Bomb and they must want to use it against America. The U.S. military spends more money every year than the ten next biggest militaries combined, and any country looking to take on this Goliath will need more than a sling.

It’s no wonder North Korea and Iran want nukes. They have no other choice.

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