Creating a New Economy – Value over Growth

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4 Responses

  1. Frank Dutmers says:

    Capitalism is the most productive economic system in the world. Uncontrolled capitalism will lead a few greedy people to rip off the rest of the people.
    Proper regulation will help our country by providing balance.

    Remember we are a democracy of the people by the people and it up to us to see that it is a democracy for the people. Vote. Hold your elected representatives accountable for their actions.

    I believe it is time to return to trust busting. The large megacorporations do not help America. Instead of 4 large oil companies controlling 80% of our oil we 20 companies each controlling less than 5 percent. This allows a free market to work with true competition.

    Instead of a few large banks we need hundreds of smaller banks. These banks would fight for you business and if a bad bank failed the whole economy would not be affected.

    The conversion of hospitals from non-profit to for profit has not improved our health care. It has hurt it. We spend 7 per cent more of our GDP on medical care than any other country and get less for our money. We can do better.

    • waldo quasomoto says:

      I believe in capatalism. But I agree with Frank. Some people have taken advantage of the system. Some of the greedy bastards on Wall St. have ruined my retirement savings, They sold CDOs , CMOs, CFuckUos. One of the biggest holdings in my IRAs was Wachovia Bank !!! what a Joke

      • waldo quasomoto says:

        so now let’s spend $1T that is a trillion bucks , that is a thousand billion for those who have forgotten their math, for the gov to make sure everyone can afford health care. so where is this $1T going? hellifIknow, rhymes with rhino

  2. RadOwl says:

    Frank is right, proper regulation will help our country find balance, but the reason for regulating as opposed to changing — to save a system that holds productivity over all else — is the exact reason why moving on is preferable to trying to fix the current system. Productivity is no longer needed as our highest virtue. As long as advantages and disadvantages are built into the system and self-interest is at its heart, we will continue to have world-shaking abuse. In the short term, busting a few monopolies is a great place to start. Thanks for your comment, Frank.

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