Donald Trump: Country Club Republicans' Best Friend

country club republicans love angry trump
What does he have to be angry about? Maybe the 19th hole was out of Chivas 18-year.

Country Club Trump

You won’t see many of them at Donald Trump rallies, and in the Republican primaries they are not the biggest voting bloc, but they are the leavening in his bread, his diehard supporters:

Country club Republicans.

They are his people, his class: the Hummer drivin’, government hatin’, big-house-havin’ country club crowd. Trump is right at home among them—he even owns a bunch of country clubs. They have in common something more important than race or ideology or religion or even politics. You might call it “the American Way.”

The American Way means you get what you earn and nothing more. You make your way in life based on your wits and ambition and ruthlessness and fuck it if people don’t like it. It means you pay your way or get run over.

No handouts. No charity. It’s survival of the fittest.

When you are a “have,” you don’t give a shit about the “have nots.” The whole idea of redistribution of wealth makes you sick. Government support is for wimps, unless of course it comes in the form of special tax breaks for your business or industry. Your primary concern is with protecting what you have. You are a dragon atop your pile of treasure, always wanting more. You are rapacious. Enough is never enough.

The country club crowd identifies with Trump’s “self-made man” persona. They look at him and see someone who has used everything to his advantage, like they do, and is owed everything in return. They work hard for their money for the most part. They sacrifice. They play the game. They deserve the very best.

The game is “he who dies with the most money and toys wins.” It’s greed, greed, greed and they are unabashed about it. Fuck Jesus and his “help the poor” bullshit. You gotta earn your way in life.

They love Trump’s self-promotion. They would put their names on skyscrapers if they could. They are car dealers whose names are heard daily on commercials. They are real estate agents with their faces on billboards and business cards, giving the world that big “trust me” smile. They are corporate executives whose greatest asset is the good name they earn after many years of long hours and big sacrifices. With a name like “Trump” they could build an empire just like he has.

This is the game, the American Way, and in Trump they see a master player.

So when he calls for sending immigrants back their homelands, the country club crowd says “amen!” When he says he’ll make Mexico pay for a border fence, they say it’s about time. When he incites his supporters to punch protestors in the face, they hope to see blood spill.

Fucking liberals. The world is better off without them.

The country club crowd doesn’t care about effective government—just keep cutting taxes and “starve the beast.” Dismantle the social safety net. Out there in the suburbs and up there in the penthouse apartments it’s a different world. Talk about fairness with country club Trump supporters and they’ll tell you that nothing could be more fair than survival of the fittest. It’s the American Way.

If you don’t believe me, ask a country club Republican. I’ve known many. The great majority of membership at the typical country club are Republican, and while I haven’t asked enough of them to know who they support this year, I know what they like and don’t like. Rubio is a lightweight. Cruz is soft. Kasich might be their choice if Trump wasn’t available.

But with Trump in the race, it’s no contest. He is one of them and that’s all they need to know.

[And by the way, I’m only speaking to a certain breed of Republican here. The Democrat establishment isn’t much better.]

What Could Have Been: If Ron Paul Ran Against Barack Obama (He Might Have Won)

By now, everything that can be said or written about the election 2012 has been said and written . . . except for what might have happened if Ron Paul had been the Republican nominee.

I think he could have won. Here is why:

Something that wasn’t talked much about leading up to the Republican nomination of Mitt Romney instead of Ron Paul was Paul’s appeal across ideological lines. I voted for Obama but would have strongly considered voting for Paul. My girlfriend, the archetype of academic liberalism, would have enthusiastically voted for him, based on what she knew about him during the primaries. Why?

Because he tells the truth as he sees it. I voted for Obama even though I want him to do more about military expansionism and erosion of civil rights. These two issues are central to Paul’s platform, along with eliminating the Federal Reserve, which I see as the source of the county’s financial woes. While I strongly disagree with Paul on points like cutting the federal budget as drastically as he would, and I’m not as libertarian as his view on the role of the federal government, I largely agree with what I heard come from him throughout the campaign. He was a lone voice of truth on Bullshit Mountain, using John Stewart’s hilarious summary of the Republican/FOX disinformation campaign.

Yet, the Republicans considered basically everyone else except Paul and John Huntsman, and Huntsman was the candidate the Obama campaign feared most. I mean, apparently they would sooner have a Donald Trump, Michelle Bachmann, or that twit from Pennsylvania, Rick Santorum, as their nominee than the guy who actually had a chance.

When Romney said 47% of voters would never vote for him, he was right. He ended up with 47% of the popular vote, and needed to peal off another 3% to make the election competitive. Peel off 5% and he’s on the way to a convincing victory. That means he takes one in ten of Obama’s votes to win. But he really had no shot at getting those votes. Paul, however, had a shot.

The 47% who voted for Romney would have voted for Paul, because, to use Romney’s logic, they were going to vote for the Republican nominee no matter who it was. Only around 5% of voters are truly “swing voters” who go either way from election to election. Because politics in Washington has become so partisan and so polarized, most voters are already in one camp or the other. For example, I have voted for Republicans, but would not even consider it now because a vote for any Republican, in my mind, is a vote for the entire party, which has driven right off the deep end, and I can’t support that. But put Ron Paul on the ballot and now you give me the opportunity to vote for a Republican who can talk some sense into other Republicans. You peel away a vote from Obama. At the very least, you change Obama’s tune and force him to confront his support of policies that he didn’t support when he ran for President in 2008.

But no, even though Paul came in second in the primaries and was the best alternative to Romney except, perhaps, Huntsman, he was treated like the ugly girl in the wedding party. He was even harassed by TSA agents while trying to fly home during the Republican convention because, Paul claimed, he would not endorse Mitt Romney.

So we are left to wonder what might have been. One thing we know for sure: the Republican establishment hated Paul because he took no marching orders, and, according to a plethora of analysis and reporting, the nomination was outright stolen from Paul.

Oh, what might have been.

What The Fuck Are The Tea Baggers Thinking?

Irrational actions like we’ve seen from the Republicans during the past few weeks lead to questions about how low they’ll stoop. My answer to that question is another question: is bringing down the country low enough? When someone or a group of someones acts irrationally but in a calculated manner, it’s a sure sign of a secret agenda

Years from now people are going to look back at this time when America’s credit rating began to sink and ask, “What the fuck were they thinking?”

The so-called tea party faction of the Republican party made a mountain out of a molehill — increasing the debt ceiling should have been routine, as it was during the Bush years when Republicans raised the it without question — and rattled the credit rating agencies. Speaker of the House John Boehner stretched out the drama too far and in the end agreed to steps too weak and indecisive. Standard and Poor’s chief sovereign ratings guru said basically that the tea party’s game of chicken ran America’s credit rating off the road.

What the fuck were they thinking?

The people who did this will try to blame President Obama, shameless bastards that they are, but I don’t think it will stick. The Prez tried to get some modest revenue increases along with deep budget cuts — steps S&P ratings people specifically asked for to preserve America’s AAA credit — but rather than raise taxes 3% on millionaires and close some egregious loopholes, Republicans threatened to sink the whole deal. They figured Obama would cave to outrageous demands rather than force a credit crisis, and they were right. But they didn’t know when to quit, pushed things too far, and here we are, America. Put on the Panama hat and sunglasses and welcome to the Banana Republic!

What the fuck?

To say it’s irresponsible to gamble with the nation’s credit fails to capture the contemptuous disregard of the tea party faction for good governance, especially after running up so much debt, no questions asked, under Bush Jr. Some people are starting to suggest the unthinkable: Republicans are deliberately sinking the economy to win the election in 2012. After all, it was not their policy proposals that brought the House back under their control in 2010; it was an economy that hadn’t recovered from the debacle at the end of the Bush years and a political environment poisoned by ideologically driven radicals on the right who came to Washington with The Fountainhead in one hand and their dicks in the other.

Irrational actions like we’ve seen from the Republicans during the past few weeks lead to questions about how low they’ll stoop. My answer to that question is another question: is bringing down the country low enough? When someone or a group of someones acts irrationally but in a calculated manner, it’s a sure sign of a secret agenda. Well, the GOP agenda has a stated agenda, by Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell back in 2009: oppose Obama every way possible and take back the White House. Never mind that Obama’s agenda is to rescue the country after eight years of seriously bad management under Bush; that Obama is the easiest Democrat for the GOP to work with since Joe Lieberman: the GOP strategy is slash-and-burn, a game of chicken that they’ve decided ahead of time is to the death, no compromise, plow straight ahead and don’t veer an inch off course.

Unfortunately, these tactics win elections and make billionaire donors very happy. They thrive on chaos and disorder, throwing out fake battles to keep the public distracted while they systematically dismantle our democracy. America is no longer a democracy, by definition, nor is it a country of the people, for the people.

And now it no longer has perfect credit.

Southern Justice: Gulf Oil Disaster as Payback

The absolute tragedy that the deep South is experiencing is so loaded with sad irony, it can only be an act of God.


When a disaster happens in a “liberal” state or city, former Republican candidate for President Pat Robertson likes to blame “sinners” and claim they’re being punished by God for being gay, progressive, and/or Democrat.

Nonsense, Pat. However, in a way he’s right: Gulf states are getting exactly what they asked for when they helped elect two oil men to the White House.

As black death wraps around Florida and heads up the coast and the ocean turns toxic, my heart goes out to all of the dying, dead, or ill-affected creatures who didn’t vote for the BP oil disaster. I feel for the fifty percent of Florida who didn’t vote for Bush/Cheney, and even for the poor suckers who thought they were helping to elect people other than what they got. Everyone in the “Red” states along the Gulf ask yourselves, would you trade eight years of Big Oil running the country in return for your Gulf back?

Back in 2000 and 2004, voters faced a clear choice, and because enough of them didn’t foresee the consequences of the policies pushed by Bush, the oil industry shed those pesky regulations and pretended like a disaster would never happen. And if God forbid it did, like BP said, the ocean is big and a few hundred billion gallons of oil is a drop in the bucket.

Bush campaigned on being an opponent of regulations like the type that prevent ecological catastrophes, and sold the general public on his supposed innate goodness (compassionate conservative) to settle fears about the potential consequences of allowing corporate America to run amok. Basically, the mantra was “trust George, he’s a good God-fearin’ Texan and wouldn’t screw you over, America.”

Fairy tales. The Bush campaign sold us lies and fairy tales from the beginning. Now the Gulf is paying the price.


Which brings me back to my point: It’s sure ironic that Deep South states are sodden in BP oil, because the voters there essentially elected the people who caused the problem. Disagree? Then do you think that better fail-safe devices would have been required on oil rigs if Al Gore had had eight years to make America green? It’s a proven fact that the Cheney energy task force killed the requirement for fail-safe devices, to save their oil industry buddies $500,000 a pop. Spend hundreds of millions building and running a rig like the Horizon, then make billions from extracting oil, but no, we’ll assume that disasters never happen. No need for extra protection.

So Louisiana and oil-lovin’ Governor Bobby Jindal, when you look out over your sickly brown waters, remember that this is exactly what you asked for; don’t pretend otherwise. The so-called liberals screamed for years about Cheney’s secret deals with the oil industry and the need for renewable energy, but your ears were deaf.

Florida, when Jeb greased the wheels to elect his brother to the White House and Republican operatives stormed the election recount, you played along. I’m sorry that you really voted for Al and want your white beaches back, but look at it this way: At least it’s not 2004, when four hurricanes crossed your state. So devastated by November, you can’t be blamed for being suckered again.

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Alabama, same goes for your state. Mississippi too: You had some really beautiful coastline, really did, and it’s a shame to see it destroyed. A shame to see your fishing industry wrecked and tourism plummet and oil raining from the sky. And it’s a shame that you voted for the men who are the most responsible – and continue to elect brown-nosers like Haley Barbour. What has he ever really done for you other than cause grief, suffering and shame?

The absolute tragedy that the deep South is experiencing is so loaded with sad irony, it can only be an act of God.

Now if the oil reaches South Carolina and can somehow leap out of the ocean to tar Tennessee, Arkansas, and maybe Virginia Beach, where Pat Robertson is headquartered….

I feel sorry for you and for the sea creatures, despite my sarcasm. Next election, take heed of the obvious, please.

Wag the Dog: 'tea party' as grassroots as GMO

The ‘tea party’ is simply “very conservative Republican” by another name. No more, no less than a creation of Republican operatives to tap into anger over losing the 2008 election and cling to their last shred of power.

The ‘tea party’ is simply “very conservative Republican” by another name. No more, no less than a creation of Republican operatives to tap into anger over losing the 2008 election and cling to their last shred of power.

In case the headline confuses you, GMO is the acronym used for genetically-modified crops, aka Frankencorn or Soykenstein: A useful analogy for the so-called tea party, because the “movement” that has big media fluttering and Twittering is not a naturally occurring phenomenon but an engineered ploy to raise political cash for Republican groups and re-brand conservative politics.

This media-created monster is stitched together from the remnants of the political coalition that installed George W. in power for eight years. When the lights went down on that presidency, Republican operatives grasped at the only straw left: the very anger raised by their own policies.

Tea party protesters are mad about budget deficits but were silent for eight years as their man in the White House and their leadership in Congress ran up huge bills to pay for tax cuts and ill-advised wars. Obama and the Democrats had little to do with the current fiscal mess; however, with a long way to go, they’ve had a lot to do with beginning the clean-up.

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The protesters are mad about health care reform that mimics what their own presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, signed into law in Massachusetts. Romney has since backpedaled away from his own policy so quickly that you’d think he had woken up in a frat house after a keg party lying naked next to an amorous farm animal. I swear guys I didn’t touch it!

They are mad about intrusive government and excessive powers of state after sitting by for eight years and allowing the creation of a massive security apparatus, forgetting that the America Bill Clinton left us not only balanced its budget but, it can be argued, struck a fair balance between individual rights and government power. The reason why they’re so vocal now is because their man Bush is no longer in the White House and they’re afraid of the monster he created. They’re mad about a lot of things, so what do you do if you’re the part of the operation responsible for most of it? Scream the loudest in protest to harness the anger and reap the political benefits.

A classic bait-and-switch, used effectively by the real ‘tea party’: the likes of Republican operative Dick Armey, Republican political firm Russo Marsh, and Fox News. Each is an example of the ‘friends with benefits’ relationship between protesters and their organizers.

For Armey, a savvy Texan who networks the country as a conservative organizer and message master, the ‘tea party’ is a horse to ride back to power. Armey, like Gingrich and other former Republican politicians working the political landscape, has his eye on influencing the next election. Russo Marsh is collecting millions in political contributions from tea party donors and siphoning most of it off for “expenses.” Fox News gains an organized source of anger that butters its bread: attracts loyal, angry viewers who in turn attract advertisers, which is the network’s business model. In fact, Fox News can take most of the credit for the tea party because of their saturation coverage of all things tea-bagger. They are to news what flies are to shit.

However, the so-called liberal media can take some credit, because while the tea party protesters give them something to poke fun at, news coverage also promotes the movement as real and not contrived. Very real people with very real concerns are part of the movement, but in the end they are tools for a larger agenda of obscuring what went on for eight years as America focused on wars abroad and terror at home. John Stewart gets lots of laughs when he points out the absurdities, but also gives invaluable exposure to the very people and organizations he skewers. Few people outside of Fox’s viewer circle would even know about what is essentially a fringe group that has become a big tent for anti-tax protesters, gun enthusiasts, racists, conspiracy theorists, politically active conservatives and Sarah Palin’s entourage.

What began as a groundswell of anger when the wool was pulled from the eyes of conservative, white America is a surging tidal wave that Republicans are desperately trying to ride. Otherwise they will find themselves at the bottom of a big crash when the angry masses turn on their masters.

An open letter to GW Bush

Some war president. Instead of rising to the challenge of the job, you shrunk down the definition. Don’t judge you as the steward of the national budget and economy, the carrier of our international respect, the spokesperson for our collective interests, the equalizer between all of the competing Washington interests, or as the one person we could turn to in an emergency. After you used 9/11 as a cover for an extreme domestic agenda, then to launch an unnecessary war in Iraq, all trust was lost. Took people a while to figure out who you really are—or, thank God, were, now that you’re back in Texas enjoying the perks.

Dear George,

Must be a different world for you now that you don’t rule it, back in Texas shuffling around the new digs and wondering what became of your grand ideas about yourself. I wouldn’t show your face in public for a while; I don’t think you know just how disappointed we are in your presidency and angry at the incredible mess you left, but first let me thank you from the bottom of my heart for fucking up so badly that America elected Barack Obama as your replacement.

You made it possible through incompetence and outright abuse of power. You inherited a fairly stable international order and created chaos by blithely provoking the Russians, disregarding treaties and attempting to reinvent the United Nations with a square wheel like Josh Bolton. You inherited a budget surplus, the greatest accomplishment of your predecessor, and spent us into bankruptcy—the whole world almost! Don’t play dumb; what did you expect when you removed the last regulatory restraints of your Yale buddies and created an atmosphere of anything goes if the price is right?

The destruction you’ve caused goes further into literal territory when we consider Iraq, then New Orleans, then Washington D.C., then the mess you left in Afghanistan. You know how you like to brand people with nicknames? (Brownie, for example) I call you George the Destroyer and have ever since you used 9/11 as a pretext for war in Iraq. It fits. Think about what else you destroyed in eight years:

Trust in our election system, the entire process tainted when the Supreme Court bypassed the House of Representatives and the will of the people to really know who they elected. Many of the same people who beat the drum about preferring you over Gore in a time of war wish otherwise now that you are (thankfully) departed the White House.

Trust—any shred of—you destroyed that our leaders will speak the truth to us about important matters like, oh, wars, national budgets, self-characterizations (A compassionate conservative who doesn’t think twice about executing possibly innocent people to execution?), election results, true intentions upon entering office, military service records, your family connections to the bin Ladens. Do I need to go on, or do you get the point? You lied to us, misappropriated, misinformed and misguided into a god-awful conundrum.

George, you also destroyed America’s trust that Mr. President will never morph into Mr. Hyde. Get it? I don’t mean Henry. You scared a lot of us for a while that absolutely nothing restrained your whim. I was so sure at one point that you were about to expand your terror war into Iran that I would have bet my entire savings, not that you’d be impressed by my bank statements. One more national disaster or terrorist strike on home soil and you might have instituted martial law. And you might have gotten away with it for a time, the opportunity used to institute more midnight end-runs around the Constitution.

Destroyed during your presidency was also our trust that the executive will be overseen by the Congress. Goes back to the previous point. For a while you had Tom DeLay, Denny Hastert and Bill Frist twisting their respective institutions in creative ways to ram through legislation that is proving to be exactly what your critics warned: wrong-headed and seriously harmful. You chose political expediency every time over sound judgment and wise deliberation, and look what it cost us. Yeah, you better hide your face, and if you show it again, wipe off that cocky grin. It never fit you, and now everyone sees that the flight suits belong on a real soldiers.

You ask us to respect that you made tough decisions, to wait and let history judge when the people currently writing that history are piling on the facts you conveniently ignore that add up to miserable failure. Even the one aspect of your job that you think you passed, to our eternal gratitude, as a “war president,” is less than stellar, perhaps only passing. George, you grabbed at that opportunity to define your job. Back in 2001, you got your tax cuts, but the rest of your legislative agenda was going nowhere. Once your campaign promises of 2000 had to be interpreted for the reality of implementation, collectively we started getting the first idea that you were less prepared than commonly understood for the presidency. Your proposals polled lousy and the Democrats were starting to wonder when you were going to give something back for their generous early support, something your Republican friends in the Congress did not extend to Obama. Face it George, the circumstances of your first election should have kicked off the mutual antagonism. You were never a uniter.

Instead you defined yourself as a war president. Maybe you thought the definition included permission to do whatever the hell you damn well pleased. That’s what you did. (I had never heard of a presidential signing statement until you used the excuse to circumvent Congressional law.). Students of American government from grade school on up are taught that our system of government is preserved by checks and balances. Were you asleep during those lessons, maybe working in Georgia on a senatorial campaign? We elect candidates we think we can trust to accept the incredible power that comes with the job, leaders who will act like all of the previous presidents and respect the balance of power enshrined in our founding principles and laws. You shredded centuries of tradition and legal doctrine in an underhanded expansion of executive authority during war.

Some war president. Instead of rising to the challenge of the job, you shrunk down the definition. Don’t judge you as the steward of the national budget and economy, the carrier of our international respect, the spokesperson for our collective interests, the equalizer between all of the competing Washington interests, or as the one person we could turn to in an emergency. After you used 9/11 as a cover for an extreme domestic agenda, then to launch an unnecessary war in Iraq, all trust was lost. Took people a while to figure out who you really are—or, thank God, were, now that you’re back in Texas enjoying the perks.

GW, I’m glad not only that you cleared the way for President Obama, but that you got reelected in 2004. I kid you not, told all my friends at the time that you needed four more years to lie in the bed you had made. Dropping that mess on John Kerry would be like a Democrat president fucking up as badly as you did, then passing it off on Bob Dole. Despite the flaws of those losers, a person would never wish such a thing on such decent losers. Both were a little too mild for American taste in presidents. You bamboozled us just long enough to get elected twice—elected by selling yourself as one thing to grab votes, then delivering another, George, that a few of us saw in you back when you were just a governor of Texas.

Let me correct something while we’re at it, on a question you answered during the primary campaign in 2000 about your favorite political philosopher. Jesus wasn’t a political philosopher. I don’t blame you for taking the opportunity to say what was needed to attract evangelical support, but as a political philosopher, I must remind you that Jesus expressed a few views that can be extrapolated as political philosophy. Like render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, telling people to pay their taxes. You created a tax system where Warren Buffett is taxed a lesser percentage than his secretaries, and he takes no tax write-offs, no loopholes that you know well from your experience helping billionaires avoid paying a fair share.

Jesus also said to feed and cloth the poor, and be generous, especially with the less fortunate. You inherited a tremendous opportunity in 2001 to prove yourself as a godly man and follower of Jesus by doing a little more for the po’ folks. They got little or nothing from your tax breaks. Instead your administration relentlessly slashed—or tried to slash—programs that feed hungry families, keep them warm and provide their health care. How symbolic was your first veto used to deny an expansion of children’s health care? Please, don’t cry budgetary priorities when you spent trillions in Iraq and wasted untold billions on top of the billions we already know about, more found out every day as what little record you left behind is scoured for information about what you were really doing for eight years.

So the question begs to be asked, if Jesus is your favorite political philosopher, who is your Messiah?

I don’t know about you George, but Jesus struck me as the sort of Messiah who preached against violence, if you remember that saying about turning cheek. I know that responding to the possibility of terrorist cells all over the country after 9/11 required force and speed. The public can forgive getting swept up in war fever and abusing a lot of innocent people along the way. But George, those guards in Gitmo were shoving stuff up the asses of some detainees, and other Gitmo guests are finally being set free to tell stories of horrors beyond horrors. You are ultimately responsible. People were tortured to death.

Some of the public blames Dick Cheney for the worst of the abuses authorized by your administration, but I blame you for believing Dick Cheney. You, George, who famously claimed to be able to look into someone’s eyes and get a sense of their soul, and famously failed twice that I can think of, no three: Dick, Putin and Brownie, though you might have never really looked in Brownie’s eyes. You also failed to seriously consider that Saddam might be bluffing about WMD in an attempt—like he had done so many other times in so many ways—to look more dangerous, both inside of his country and in the region. You didn’t look in his eyes and see a tired and desperate despot? Iraq could have been overthrown in 2003 by an army of grandmothers with knitting needles?

George, you also destroyed all respect for the President Medal of Freedom. After you used it to payoff your war buddies, no other president will feel comfortable awarding it again. Might as well call it the Thanks Anyway Medal of Presidents on Nitrous Oxide, or TAMPON for short.

And finally, between you and me George, thanks a lot for destroying your party. You left us with Rush to lead the Republicans further into obsolescence. You were the last Republican to exploit the Southern Strategy for winning the presidency. If you do show your face in public anytime soon, I recommend black face.

George the Destroyer

I knew America was in for a wild ride the day after the 2000 election.

Cameras inundating Crawford, George Bush strode forth like a rodeo cowboy – arms flared, chest puffing – and declared himself President. The cockiness to me seemed unbecoming of a man portraying himself as follower of Jesus, but I knew what destructive potential lurked, saw through the good ol’ boy facade to the man we really elected.

The way he slipped into office, pulling out every dirty trick to win, was an omen, tearing the Supreme Court in half like the veil in the Jerusalem Temple. Destroyed forever the impartiality of that judicial body, which contorted itself into a noose to legally justify selecting a President. Destroyed the integrity of the election process, mistrusted by the public.

To think that the man shafted in 2000 won the Nobel Peace Prize isn’t the overreaching bragger as portrayed. Turns out he’s positively brilliant – knows a heckuva lot about the most pressing problem of our times than boy George. Anyone who discounts to politics Al Gore receiving the world’s biggest prize is a fool. We have a hit bottom with our addiction to fossil fuels; we reform or face potential catastrophe, and look who’s leading us down the path of destruction.

Hell, even Bush admits America’s oil addiction.

Look whose first broken campaign promise was backing out of the Kyoto Treaty regulating carbon emissions. Who promptly the day he took office rescinded important environmental regulations, destroying years of careful compromises largely agreed to by the industries regulated. It’s like when Warren Buffett says neither he nor his rich friends need a tax break because they already pay less percent of their income to taxes than their secretaries.

What’s George’s point then?


In the case of the budget-busting tax cuts of 2001, the government’s finances took the hit because boy George slept through economics. His contempt for government and mind prone to sloganeering (he was a male cheerleader in high school and a party hack after college) made him the perfect patsy for neo-conning into believing tax breaks were the best way to spend his Clinton inheritance. He never cared enough to learn better.

Similar to how he starts wars but refuses to fight in them. He vetoes child care for marginally poor children but never worried about who’s paying his doctors’ bills.

Is George the Destroyer a fitting nickname? George loves handing out nicknames, often with a dash of sarcasm, so he should be able to take it, too. Destroyer fits in so many ways.

He earned it by destroying Iraq, blithely replacing a paper tiger with chaos.

And by destroying the basis of the justice process, habeas corpus, which used to ensure that every dog has its day before a judge and be convicted in open court before punishment is carried out. George slept through Constitutional Law, too.

He destroyed the trust and good name of a nation basking in the world’s affection as defender of the West from Fascism and Communism, espouser of high ideals, human rights and democracy. Now, for every torture chamber, election fiasco or unjust war America could criticize, she has one or more of her own.

Long before boy George took the White House, he made a living of destruction. Namely, he took relish in destroying the reputations and lives of political opponents of his family. Back in his drinking days, he destroyed a few good occasions by waylaying unsuspecting journalists and dropping F-bombs in the company of children. Unlike other reformed alcoholics, he never took the step of admitting and amending his wrongs. You mean perfect George apologize? He who can do no wrong, never looks back and comforts himself at night with the thought that history’s judgment on his presidency will wait until after he’s departed the planet?

Let me go on record: I paid close attention during history class and think it’s safe to say George Jr. will rank far below the bar set by his father, somewhere between disaster and miserable failure. If more people had paid attention to our Accidental President before he seized the White House, the 2000 election wouldn’t have been close.

The signs of impending destruction were evident – the smug grin, bouts of vulgarity, cocky attitude. That’s just what the cameras picked up. Listen to prince George talk for five minutes and you wonder how the man doesn’t fall over from embarrassment at his horrendous grammar and syntax. If we stretch the point out we could say that W. also destroyed the expectation that our leaders will be good – or at least, functional – public speakers.

Most telling about George’s destructive nature is found in the difference in his talk depending upon the subject. Discuss health care policy or global warming and his eyes glaze over. He mangles his words looking like Alfred E. Neuman of Mad Magazine, saying something like we should all recycle, or America is addicted to oil. But get him going about hunting terrorists or firing up the execution chamber and he’s clear, concise, forceful. Very convincing, actually. He really means it when he promises to dish out the hurt on the bad guys. Nothing gets Jr.’s juices going more than a few satellite guided missiles dropped in the dead of night from a Stealth bomber.

Like I keep saying, call George Bush whatever you want, I call him George the Destroyer.

Ironically, the Book of Revelation in the Bible, chapter 9, verse 11 reads: “They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek, Apollyon.”

Guess what Abaddon and Apollyon mean?


Epilogue: A month after Jason found his groove.

Click here to read the original post about defeating generational evil.. This post picks up a few days later.

…Time to get on with the life I left behind at nine years old. Part of the revelation from Steve is a part of me died inside at age four when I deliberately rammed a knife into a power outlet. My shaman read the electrical chaos in my energy field. No wonder I don’t support the death penalty! I died again to myself at the time at 15 when I swallowed handfuls of aspirin and ended up in the hospital, where I met an adult lover who changed my life. A dream symbolized the part of me that had to pass as a young indian warrior lifeless in a canoe. Steve read it from my dream and called upon the image to help me finish grieving the life (opportunities) I lost. The golden boy, nature’s prodigy, had to pass. Generations stood by as we set the boat on fire and gave him an honorable departing.

Life is full of little deaths. If we cling to what we were, we lose who we are. We lose the ever-unfolding moment and hide in the past or the future.

I still have a lot of work to do to deal with my personal shadow. My ego is one tough customer after enduring layers of wounding. Had to be strong, or else I would’ve never survived. Steve saw the secret shame in my energy field, mine and others, and helped me let go – and through me we reached everyone in my direct family touched by the curse. He also saw a baby girl in my mother’s belly who, coming before me, chose to abort rather than face life without the tools to cope. The curse went down the maternal line. A male body was needed for this battle. Steve said that my mother probably wasn’t aware of the miscarriage, perhaps confusing it for menstrual bleeding. But my soul knew better than take that particular opportunity on the wheel of life. Not to worry; my teenage mother soon conceived again and produced a flawed prodigy with a unique combination of intelligence suited for the road ahead.

Trust me, I’m pretty dumb in other ways. My life of love, for instance, is an unending story of forever seeking. I’m too intense for most women (but I’m getting better!). I’m also a headstrong buck with my own ideas about everything, who sometimes has to be shocked back into remembering what’s most important in life: love. Only love is real. Thank you Brian Weiss for that insight. C.S. Lewis said he continually surprised himself by how the daily grind closed his eyes to the world around him, and it took tragedy to shake his complacency, not wake him up. Life is a stage and we are merely players. The stage, however, is the place where we work out our issues. Don’t wait because the afterlife offers far fewer opportunities for passion, growth, and karmic balancing. Face your demons or they’ll be waiting for you the next time you return to this beautifully poignant training ground, Earth.


I spoke about nuggets of insight left by my soul for me to find along the way in my quest to understand my plight. One of the most important was a trilogy of books called The Covenant Saga, by Stephen R. Donaldson. A tormented man is pulled from our world into a fantastical, mirror realm under attack by Lord Foul the Despiser, a character that is perhaps the best literary example of personified hate. Twice Thomas Covenant has a final showdown with Lord Foul. First time, Covenant laughs the evil into a ball of shame to retreat hiding. He realizes that the evil fed off his fears and his fears gave it life. Therefore it was only as strong as his fear. Second time is a tough-love scenario of being so fed up (I imagine Mr. Donaldson was after writing close to 3,000 hardback pages) that Covenant says go ahead, I give in. Lord Foul gets his fondest wish. But the scenario reversed. The more he summons power, the stronger becomes Covenant, now the gate on the cage preventing Lord Foul from leaving his material prison to enslave the cosmos.

Little did I know during junior high how those stories would assist my own confrontation with evil. It only has the power to destroy itself. Destruction is its essential nature. I haven’t seen it offer anything except deceit, envy and malice — warped images of purity. Perhaps evil has to exist to balance truth, generosity and love. That is the most likely reason by my experience. The true God, good, exists above it all. We can’t rely on this experience to answer questions about God. Otherwise, I can only explain evil as something that so many people have believed for so long, it comes true. We make it real by serving a system of institutionalized indifference. Seen that way, it is we collectively who manifest evil by allowing conditions to exist where it finds life – from elite suburbs like Littleton to crack houses to White Houses. And the ultimate reason why it finds life is because some people have twisted the world to get obscenely rich at the expense of the rest of us. Free market capitalism laissez-faire style is essentially institutionalized indifference.

Institutionalized indifference works the same for everyone except for those who can afford to live high above it. It cares not that to get ahead, parents have to trust their children alone to take on a complex world with limited help from home. The Littleton shooters talked about latch-key existence and the sort of cruel detachment it breeds among the materially fortunate. Klebold and Harris would rather go out enacting a dark fantasy than become part of what they despised for its hypocrisy, and failed to see for its beauty. They might have directed their passionate energy into changing the system one person at a time, heeding the call of compassion.

ii – institutionalized indifference – accepts ghettos as the home to the least fortunate, a permanent underclass largely doomed to an existence surrounded by drugs and violence. Equal opportunity doesn’t exist in capitalism’s world of winners and losers. Supplying the guns that multiplies the violence and the drugs that feed addictions: that’s ii.

Going back to the original point about good and evil, ii is the opposite of love, institutionalized. Indifference is the true opposite of love, the greatest crime against humanity. What kind of world would we choose to be born into – this one, or a world where quality of life is shared equally, while people are rewarded for effort through higher opportunity? In an ideal world we all rise and fall together, equal in the quality of our surroundings. An aspiring surgeon doesn’t look ahead at the long, daunting task of learning the job and ask, what’s my motivation, when the job itself is so cool. You get to rush to people’s rescue and sometimes play with really cool machines. You get educated freely in advanced medical sciences. You get to work with other really smart and motivated people doing something you love. Without HMOs, lawyers and insurance companies crawling up your ass, or the requirement of insanely long hours, surgeon would look like a damn fulfilling career worth the aspiration, but in a completely different way than it is sold now to smart, driven people. Privilege comes with the environment worked in. Being a hotel maid is still cleaning up mess so many hours a day, but all sorts of people contribute to creating a world where where some of us can rush off and save lives or make movies or build spaceships. As a society we would define and attach value based upon how something benefits all of us, not just the fortunate few who control most of the wealth and product of all of our labor.

Since publishing the original piece, I’ve been asked if it’s true, and my answer is yes, best to my knowledge. I’m tempted to think that I found meaning in a series of powerful but coincidental events. I’m an author and by nature a journalist; I have a vivid imagination. Also, trance is an inexact science, more an art, and Steve had an outline of my life to go by. But again and again he called forth images from my mind and explained events from various time periods of my life. He validated everything. The shades of ignorance remain open despite hands pulling at the string to convince me that my mind is my enemy. Ha! Tell that to my spirit guides, who are enjoying the new access to my life and leading me every day to further insight, and more….

Another validation arrived when my spiritual counselor recently began work with a client who is dealing with generational tragedy. Ten years of our work together gave him another healing tool. Plus I shared the story with a coffee shop companion and conventional therapist who was also aided in her practice. People are reading about my experience and hopefully learning about their own. I know they are, I see the search engine hits. Bottom line: The greater the sins of the father (and mother), the more imbalanced life gets for future generations. Bad energy accumulates. Patterns are reinforced. Lives are tragically ruined. But by no means is that the rule. Help is out there for anyone else struggling with the same issues. If my story is familiar, you can start by telling me yours. Send it to care of groovywriter.

Barack-O-Notta: the arguments against Obama

I can hear it already, a torrent of grade-school cracks raining down upon Barack Obama if he becomes the Democrat’s nominee for President:

Obama your momma. Osama-Obama. Barack-O-Notta.

They’ll find a way to hate him. The vilification has already begun.

But there’s another reason why he’ll never be elected President. He’s not presidential “material.”

The public has a conception of who is and is not presidential shaped according to the people who are supposed to know. It has nothing to do with race – Colin Powell is considered presidential – and everything to do with who he is.

For instance, he’s rated by “those who know” as the most liberal senator. Lord knows America can’t have a liberal in the White House. Just look at Jimmy Carter. If he would’ve spanked Iran for taking our hostages in the first place, we wouldn’t be having all of these problems now. America doesn’t elect liberals or senators – except Republicans named McCain.

Obama is a peacenik. He’ll sell us out. We can’t trust funny-name with the sacred duty of protecting our country from its many enemies. At war with the Muslims and America elects a guy whose name rhymes with the arch-enemy? Right.

He doesn’t genuflect to the flag, refuses to wear it upon his lapel to show his patriotism. He’s never served his country (we’d still swift-boat him anyway). Let’s not get started on the dangers of an inexperienced President during time of war.

Hillary hopped on the argument. She knows what John McCain is going to pull out. If the next eight months of Republican attacks could be summarized into a song, the chorus repeated over and over will be:

“He ain’t gonna make it, no flag waving or bacon. He ain’t gonna make it. To November.” Can you hear the Twisted Sister remake already in your ears?

Hillary can harp on experience all she likes, she’s shrill, and the American public – Democrat included – prefers her in the background. Hillary is Tracy Flick in Election who won’t accept that something so important to her – getting elected class president – boils down to a popularity contest. How could anyone vote for all-charm-no-substance when she so obviously is better prepared and versed in the minutia of running government?

And negative campaigning, a certain scene from the movie coming to mind.

Can you imagine listening to Hillary for the next four years weigh in at length on the issue of the day? She forgets that Presidents are part of America’s dream landscape, and a figure so intimately involved in our lives better be easy-going. The office of President isn’t just the job. It embodies our collective psyche.

And Obama has captured its imagination. He is more like R.F.K than R.F.K was to J.F.K. No wonder the Kennedy family enthusiastically endorsed Mr. Charming. But the politics of hope always takes a bullet, in this case straight out of the barrel of the national security argument. McCain’s support for the Iraq war could pay off because the end is in sight and we can’t pull out now. The argument is built upon a mirage though, because American tax dollars are paying the salaries of 600,000 Iraqi militia to keep the peace.

[The Bush exit strategy for the Iraqi war? Waste obscene amounts of money preserving an illusion, leaving office with affirmation of their policy and drop the mess on John McCain.)]

Obama in their minds is a non-possibility. At least Hillary plays their game; Barack-a-notta thinks the rules will be reinvented for him. Or so goes the argument. Facile and presumptuous but unfortunately true. I shudder to think what our star will look like after the mud sticks and the petty hate machine of Republican politics finds its teeth.

Let’s hope America has grown up and is ready for a fresh approach. And a guy with a funny name.

God named Katrina speaks to Dubya

If George won’t do it, God will.

It took a hurricane to bring out the compassionate in BushÆs conservatism. Faced with utter destruction in some of the poorest counties in the country, George is forced to be the compassionate man of Jesus he claims to be.

George didn’t give a lick for those poor folk before his eyes were opened by a mammoth, swirling eye in the Gulf. His constituency – as he famously quipped on the golf course before running for president – is the uber rich. Before Katrina, poor folk were Democrats’ problem, a nuisance best left off the voting rolls.

JesusÆ constituency – as he famously quipped – is also the poor. The wealthy and privileged of his time feared him, but today they embrace George as one of their own, and he embraces them.

Now suddenly George has to take his eyes off of that distant, shining city in the sky only he sees and fix them on a mess he has to fix along with all the other messes heÆs created. The great Law of Unintended Consequences squashed his second term agenda — thank God — because it wouldÆve been more of the same, and frankly, if I were God, IÆd be tired of it too.

I might send a hurricane, maybe two, and force a reverse of course. Now the poor are front and center, no longer ignored. George might have a better inkling of how the other 99 and one-half percent live.

The four hurricanes that struck Florida last year sure were ironic, considering George was before us again as a candidate and Florida is where the dark heart of the 2000 election is buried. I wouldnÆt be surprised if Karl Rove summoned the storms just in time to distract people from reality. People say he’s a wizard, but I’d classify him as a sorcerer — a cheap conjurer in Gandolf’s words.

Hurricans Katrina and Rita work against BushÆs agenda and put the squeeze on extra tight. That must be GodÆs doing. Come on George, rise to the occasion.

I wonder what Pat Robertson would say, he being the famous relayer of the holy message and predictor of hurricanes. What do you say Pat? Is George getting God’s message? Or are you no longer capable of hearing anything but your own bluster?

W. will get the message when voters toss out his comrades in 2006 for being a pile of worthless hypocrites. Go get ’em Jesus! Fry their cowardly asses.