The News: 24 /7 of the same ol’ crap

Poppa DeBord speaks (he watches a lot of news):

In these days of 24 hour a day news coverage by CNN , FOX etc, you would think that the whole world is going to crap. Maybe it is! Paris Hilton crying for mama gets 24 hour coverage. Personally, the whole O.J. coverage got to the point where I wanted to puke if I ever saw it on TV again. How about “what’s her names baby?” Miss big boobs with all the money? Is this worthy of 24 hour news attention? I wish I could turn on the news and see a variety of news of what’s really going on in this world, FAT CHANCE!!!

I don’t expect that this blog post will change the minds of the news media. Let’s face it, human nature craves bad news. Turn on the local news and what do you hear? Murder, rape, bad accidents. When was the last time you heard good news on local TV broadcasts? Good news does not sell.

Well, I have some good news for you. On May 4, a powerful F5 tornado ripped through Greensburg Kansas. This would seem like bad news at first. But within 24 hours, Christian relief organizations (not the gov’t) were there with pre-loaded trucks of supplies and equipment. They cleared the way for the Nat. Guard to set up makeshift hospitals, provide emergency assistance, and clear away tons of debris so people can eventually rebuild.

When was the last time you heard this on CNN!

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