An open letter to GW Bush

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3 Responses

  1. Pappy says:

    That’s right. let it out. Let out for me and for you , and millions of other Americans. We were “dooooped”. And what great timing for the gov’t Let’s devalue our stock market by 50%. I am sorry but “retirement planning” has taken on a new meaning to me


  2. I have a blog, Online Novels,, with the names, descriptions and web addresses of several hundred free novels available on the internet; please let me know if I may include a link to your book, Something Coming, a New Age Thriller Book One: The Sacred Mountain, offered for reading (“you set the price”) on Smashwords.

    Thank you.

    Sincerely, Susan Crealock

  3. J. M. DeBord,

    Well this is a little out of the blue, isn’t it.

    I work with Jason Davis, an author, journo and ebook blogger from Australia, whose goal is to advance ebooks and ereading for all, as well as introduce as many newbies to the concept as possible.

    First, a potted history…

    He started blogging about ebooks a while back at, and things started to gather pace. It was the first and is the biggest ebook info site in Australia – not sure if you’ve caught his weekly column at Anyway, with two friends he then coded up a multi-store ebook search engine at that is also gathering steam.
    Now we’re getting a third site off the ground. It’s called Author Direct (, and it’s designed to help authors who have retained (or regained) some or all their digital rights to self-pub in an independent, DRM-free kinda way.

    In Australia and especially the US, authors are retaining or resisting signing away their ebook rights, in favour of investigating self-pubbing digitally (sounds like a lewd act in a bar…). Problem is, there’s only a few venues where they can do that, and few are independant and transparent. Another problems is they don’t know the first thing about how to do it or haven’t got the time to through up a website.

    Anyway, the reasoning and rules behind the venture are detailed i this post

    We’d love it if you would consider adding your books to the fledgeling site.

    Quick details: You get 70% of all sales on all your books, plus a 5% referral commission on any authors you introduce to the site (that’s on ALL their sales – for life!). You price your stuff how you want, you can come and go as you please and you can sell your books anywhere or everywhere else as you see fit.

    We’d love to have your books on board – and the rest of your writing brethren, for that matter. Maybe you’re thinking that you wouldn’t make enough sales to bother, but think about those referral fees adding up now and into the future.


    Sanjay Bhat


    Jason Davis

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