A Shag a Day Beats an Apple

An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away. That’s the conclusion of some sex researchers and psychologists (and practitioners). People release excess energy during climax; without the release, energy blocks instead of circulates, leading to mental and physical decline. So by all means, don’t be blocked!

Chinese medicine works on the same idea that the body has subtle energy systems which are supposed to move freely. Breakdown of the body or mind is the result of blockage in one or more of those systems, so in Chinese medicine a doctor’s job is to stimulate circulation by various means: acupuncture, massage, herbs, orgasms.

Vibrators were first invented for physicians to treat women for a variety of symptoms lumped together as “hysteria.” The story goes that the overworked doctors needed help keeping up with the repeat business once they introduced the vibrator as a means of treatment. No wonder: for decades vibrators could only be bought by doctors. Those early doctors were on to something, monopolizing the manually-induced orgasm market until WWII, when the scarcity of breeding-age males produced new ideas for what to do with a cucumber.

The word organ in Greek means “to be excited” or “swell up.” Organ, organism, and orgasm are all related by root. Further, libido is defined as both a biological and sexual energy, as if they are synonymous. Sex, and release, it appears, is essential to the human organism.

I remember a quote a long time ago from Kathleen Turner, one of the hottest actress of her generation who has remained hot into her 60s. Her secret? I can’t quote her exactly, but I believe her answer to the question of her beauty secret was, “Sex, sex and more mind-blowing sex.”

Sigmund Freud gave libido its strictly sexual definition. He theorized that sex and secret desire were the most basic sources of human drive and motivation, but his views have been proven to be skewed by his own hang-ups. Libido is the basic energy of life, and its source is not the sex drive; however, sex looses stored energy and delivers it to the nervous system, where it circulates, renews and revitalizes.

Freud was not completely wrong though. A healthy sex life has many benefits, plus there’s no feeling like really blowing your top! All in the name of good health. An occasional apple might help too.

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  1. Kundalini Yoga is the exercise of sexual and spritual energy in combination. Sex energy is a taste of physical based nirvana, opening up your energy Chakras brings a form of extasy. To feel like your in a constant spritual state of orgasim is Nirvana. The trick of course is to learn how to be in that extreme state of fulfillment reached in orgasm in every minute of the day. Some Yoga Masters claim they feel lilke thy are in a constant state of orgasm, how nice. Robert

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