Donald Trump: Country Club Republicans' Best Friend

country club republicans love angry trump
What does he have to be angry about? Maybe the 19th hole was out of Chivas 18-year.

Country Club Trump

You won’t see many of them at Donald Trump rallies, and in the Republican primaries they are not the biggest voting bloc, but they are the leavening in his bread, his diehard supporters:

Country club Republicans.

They are his people, his class: the Hummer drivin’, government hatin’, big-house-havin’ country club crowd. Trump is right at home among them—he even owns a bunch of country clubs. They have in common something more important than race or ideology or religion or even politics. You might call it “the American Way.”

The American Way means you get what you earn and nothing more. You make your way in life based on your wits and ambition and ruthlessness and fuck it if people don’t like it. It means you pay your way or get run over.

No handouts. No charity. It’s survival of the fittest.

When you are a “have,” you don’t give a shit about the “have nots.” The whole idea of redistribution of wealth makes you sick. Government support is for wimps, unless of course it comes in the form of special tax breaks for your business or industry. Your primary concern is with protecting what you have. You are a dragon atop your pile of treasure, always wanting more. You are rapacious. Enough is never enough.

The country club crowd identifies with Trump’s “self-made man” persona. They look at him and see someone who has used everything to his advantage, like they do, and is owed everything in return. They work hard for their money for the most part. They sacrifice. They play the game. They deserve the very best.

The game is “he who dies with the most money and toys wins.” It’s greed, greed, greed and they are unabashed about it. Fuck Jesus and his “help the poor” bullshit. You gotta earn your way in life.

They love Trump’s self-promotion. They would put their names on skyscrapers if they could. They are car dealers whose names are heard daily on commercials. They are real estate agents with their faces on billboards and business cards, giving the world that big “trust me” smile. They are corporate executives whose greatest asset is the good name they earn after many years of long hours and big sacrifices. With a name like “Trump” they could build an empire just like he has.

This is the game, the American Way, and in Trump they see a master player.

So when he calls for sending immigrants back their homelands, the country club crowd says “amen!” When he says he’ll make Mexico pay for a border fence, they say it’s about time. When he incites his supporters to punch protestors in the face, they hope to see blood spill.

Fucking liberals. The world is better off without them.

The country club crowd doesn’t care about effective government—just keep cutting taxes and “starve the beast.” Dismantle the social safety net. Out there in the suburbs and up there in the penthouse apartments it’s a different world. Talk about fairness with country club Trump supporters and they’ll tell you that nothing could be more fair than survival of the fittest. It’s the American Way.

If you don’t believe me, ask a country club Republican. I’ve known many. The great majority of membership at the typical country club are Republican, and while I haven’t asked enough of them to know who they support this year, I know what they like and don’t like. Rubio is a lightweight. Cruz is soft. Kasich might be their choice if Trump wasn’t available.

But with Trump in the race, it’s no contest. He is one of them and that’s all they need to know.

[And by the way, I’m only speaking to a certain breed of Republican here. The Democrat establishment isn’t much better.]