Obama's Iraq: Obama's War of Choice in Syria

Obama’s War of Choice in Syria

This occasion calls for a certain phrase as Mr. Obama pushes for war with Syria: What the fuck are you thinking?

The difference between Obama and his predecessor, Cheney/Bush, was supposed to be that Obama finished wars, not started them. He could be hawkish, but not mean. Now he is just plain mean and I don’t know what to think about him anymore.

I thought I could I trust him.

I voted for Mr. Obama, twice, because I thought he knew killing people for no good reason is wrong. I thought he wouldn’t fall for cooked-up intelligence used as flimsy justification for war. I thought wrong.

So now me a few hundred million other people who depended on him to finish wars, not start them, are wondering what the fuck he is thinking? Even if Assad used chemical weapons against his population, it’s no red-line. Killing is killing no matter how it is done. Obama had to know that as soon as he said that the use of those weapons was justification for war, they were going to be used by the side that wants America involved in Syria: the Syrian opposition and governments backing them, like Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel.

And it appears that it there is a good possibility that it was rebel groups, not Assad’s military, which used those chemical. As Russia and other countries have pointedly pointed out, why would Assad cross that line when he is essentially winning the war? He doesn’t need to use chemical weapons; his military far outguns the rebels. Using chemical weapons would only cause him trouble, and no leader thinking clearly would do that.

Of course, we are told to just trust the same intelligence apparatus that gave us Iraq. They don’t even try to cook up an airtight story anymore. They just feed as bull shit and expect us to say “yum.”

Mr. Obama, we hardly knew ya. You are only proving the right-wing crazies correct when they said that you were a plant, a Manchurian candidate who presents himself one way but is secretly someone completely different. I didn’t believe them, but now I’m not so sure.