Monthly Archive: January 2010

China Going Rogue 0

China Going Rogue

Quick: Name one way that China is like Sarah Palin? Some people might say that Palin is a dragon in disguise, but with China launching cyber espionage against Western companies and governments, scuttling the Copenhagen summit and ignoring international norms...

Genetically modified food = gross experimentation on humans 0

Genetically modified food = gross experimentation on humans

The first studies of genetically modified corn show scary effects on mice, according to this article. The human species is being experimented on, and if the experiment goes bad, we won’t until until people start dying. Another reason to buy...

Dolphins smart like humans 0

Dolphins smart like humans

Scientists studying dolphins say they’re smart animals, about the same intelligence level as a 3 year-old human, but any mammal looks smart when compared to the humans destroying their habitats.