A Jesus only Republicans could love

The Bible is being rewritten by some political conservatives to axe out the peace and love and emphasize judgment and condemnation. What I find most interesting is the right-winger behind the distortion campaign is the son of a famous conservative who opposed ERA. Why is it that some of the craziest people on the political scene are sons and daughters of right-wingers? -Bush jr. -Pat Robertson -Bill Kristol -Andy Schafly -Eliz Cheney?

Iraq's next tragedy

The million or more people dead in Iraq from the war could pale in comparison of tragedies to the holocaust that is coming next. Babies born with two heads, mutated genitals, virulent cancers striking the young and old alike, caused by the armaments used by the U.S. military like depleted uranium rounds. Was it worth it, George? Would you and Dick really do it all over again? Then you’re sick.