Monthly Archive: March 2009

An open letter to GW Bush 3

An open letter to GW Bush

Some war president. Instead of rising to the challenge of the job, you shrunk down the definition. Don’t judge you as the steward of the national budget and economy, the carrier of our international respect, the spokesperson for our collective interests, the equalizer between all of the competing Washington interests, or as the one person we could turn to in an emergency. After you used 9/11 as a cover for an extreme domestic agenda, then to launch an unnecessary war in Iraq, all trust was lost. Took people a while to figure out who you really are—or, thank God, were, now that you’re back in Texas enjoying the perks.

'The Great Disruption' – That's What Marx said 0

'The Great Disruption' – That's What Marx said

Marx predicted that capitalism would exist as a world system of economics until every salable commodity had been sucked dry. Friedman quotes Paul Gilding to describe the moment when “Mother Nature and Father Greed have hit the wall at once — The Great Disruption.” Disrupted is the entire American and Western way of life based on rapacious consumption. Read Friedman’s article for the particulars and statistics, but basically, 2008 was the end of a way of life.