Yahoo SPAM Me, Yahoo SPAM Me

I wondered how Yahoo is going to survive their competition. I figured it out: SPAMMING the shit out my Yahoo email account.

I have not searched the web for verification of my hunch that Yahoo is approving the SPAM in my email inbox, but no matter what I do, I can’t get rid of it. Mark it as SPAM all I want, my inbox remains full of solicitations to refinance mortgage, enhance sex life or take a fabulous, free vacation. Yes, sounds like the same SPAM everyone gets, except the SPAM is blatant, no clever tricks to slip through the filters.

Time after time I get bombarded with junk that says in the subject heading that it is junk, says in the body of the email that it is junk, and says by the sender that it is junk. When I turn down a Wal-Mart gift card, I get another email for a Target gift card (just give us your pinkie finger and a DNA sample). I mark that email as SPAM and an hour later a Whole Foods offer arrives, like the last identical offer wasn’t tempting enough.

Compared to Gmail, pretty lame. But I’d do the same thing. Yahoo’s most valuable asset is its user base, which might use mostly Google for searches but for years has used an email account, participated in groups and chat rooms, or played games on Yahoo. It is possible, even probable, that I have mentioned in an email or a chat that I like organic foods and video games, which would explain the gift card offers. Yahoo knows all sorts of stuff about me. They want my eyes.

But they’re losing mine. I use Gmail from my calendar after Yahoo’s fizzled. My email accounts are only checked because old friends might use my old address. Too bad. We’ve been good friends for a long time, Yahoo and I, but it’s time we part ways.

Catalog Choice – Eliminate unwanted catalogs you receive in the mail

Catalog Choice – Eliminate unwanted catalogs you receive in the mail
Today I saved a tree. Sign up, verify by email, punch in your name and address then search for the catalogs you don’t want. Took me about 15 minutes to decline a dozen catalogs. Damn things are piled up everywhere.

God on their side: recent winners share Christian belief

The incredible odds against the Colorado Rockies making the World Series boggles the mind: win 21 out of 22 games to vault from outside shot at the playoffs to one series away from a ring. Vegas, pay attention. There might be more going on than meets the eye.

Take Jerry Yang for example, the 2007 World Series of Poker Main Event champion. Anyone watching him and his family pray their way to an $8.25m dollar payday had to wonder if God has entered the competitive sports industry. Yang, an amateur, rode an unbelievably good run of cards to victory, winning head-to-head time and again, often turning over his winning card when it appeared all hope was lost – like his straight that won the final hand. As competitors fell and Yang’s stack of chips towered, the prayers of his Hmong family members echoed through the casino hall like Sunday morning at a Baptist church.

“Show ’em a miracle, show ’em your power Jesus. Show them…Ace!”

The Hmong southeast Asian ethnic group has been in the news recently for racially-based shootings between hunters in northern Wisconsin, btw. Google it yourself.

Yang shares his Christian faith with the Rockies, the first professional baseball team known to recruit within the faith. Ironically, my news search turned up nothing about Rockies and religion; however, the g.m. and coach are both born-again believers, and have specifically stocked their team with players of faith. They don’t talk about it or advertise, but Bible study is at 3:00, come prepared.

Anyone bending their mind on the incredible feats we’re witnessing can easily set aside the Christian connection as coincidence. The Rockies haven’t won it all. Yang wasn’t a chump and someone has to win. Yet, proof could be offered – a proof of sorts if we stretch the definition.

If the pattern holds, look out for one more miraculous winner – individual or team. Three is a magical number, a sign of the hand of Providence at work, according to numerology. Watch out for teams carrying the crosses, like Jon Kitna of the Detroit Lions. Maybe Oral Roberts will sweep into the Final Four. If God is speaking through our competitions and follows the old pattern, we can expect one more miraculous victory out of nowhere to surprise and titillate.

This advice could apply to a struggling team looking for an edge. Hear me, Ocho Cinco? If I had a million dollars to burn, I’d take whatever Vegas is offering and wager on the Rockies. You know the old saying: never bet against God.