God named Katrina speaks to Dubya

If George won’t do it, God will.

It took a hurricane to bring out the compassionate in BushÆs conservatism. Faced with utter destruction in some of the poorest counties in the country, George is forced to be the compassionate man of Jesus he claims to be.

George didn’t give a lick for those poor folk before his eyes were opened by a mammoth, swirling eye in the Gulf. His constituency – as he famously quipped on the golf course before running for president – is the uber rich. Before Katrina, poor folk were Democrats’ problem, a nuisance best left off the voting rolls.

JesusÆ constituency – as he famously quipped – is also the poor. The wealthy and privileged of his time feared him, but today they embrace George as one of their own, and he embraces them.

Now suddenly George has to take his eyes off of that distant, shining city in the sky only he sees and fix them on a mess he has to fix along with all the other messes heÆs created. The great Law of Unintended Consequences squashed his second term agenda — thank God — because it wouldÆve been more of the same, and frankly, if I were God, IÆd be tired of it too.

I might send a hurricane, maybe two, and force a reverse of course. Now the poor are front and center, no longer ignored. George might have a better inkling of how the other 99 and one-half percent live.

The four hurricanes that struck Florida last year sure were ironic, considering George was before us again as a candidate and Florida is where the dark heart of the 2000 election is buried. I wouldnÆt be surprised if Karl Rove summoned the storms just in time to distract people from reality. People say he’s a wizard, but I’d classify him as a sorcerer — a cheap conjurer in Gandolf’s words.

Hurricans Katrina and Rita work against BushÆs agenda and put the squeeze on extra tight. That must be GodÆs doing. Come on George, rise to the occasion.

I wonder what Pat Robertson would say, he being the famous relayer of the holy message and predictor of hurricanes. What do you say Pat? Is George getting God’s message? Or are you no longer capable of hearing anything but your own bluster?

W. will get the message when voters toss out his comrades in 2006 for being a pile of worthless hypocrites. Go get ’em Jesus! Fry their cowardly asses.