Bush Pres. Part II, First Week, First Scandel, ElectionGate

By Jason M. DeBord
November 2000

The Honeymoon is over and the bride has woken up wondering exactly who she married. Does Bush really love me, or am I just a tool for his ambitions? Did he cheat to win me?

Father is the former head of the CIA and President of the United States, brother is the governor of the state that is deciding the election under the most questionable of circumstances. America, I’m afraid you don’t really know who has been courting you.

The countryáwalked down the aisle with Bush Jr. even with lingering doubts about who he really is and what is his real agenda. He seemed nice enough until the ring slipped on the finger, seemed ready for the Big Marriage, and sure enough those doubts coalesced on the altar. When the people actually pulled the lever, more of them voted for Gore, showing how the voters rethought their decision during the moment of truth.

Bush was leading in the popular vote by three to five points in polls the day before the election. Not one analyst I know of publicly said that Gore might win the popular vote but lose the Electoral College. Some predictions had the scenario vice-versa, with Gore taking the Electoral College. Shows how those doubts about the groom played a role in the outcome. Shows how badly the media messed up.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. The media, and the public, won’t be fooled again –áhopefully.

Day one of the Bush Lite presidency and the first scandal has taken root. ElectionGate has ended the two year honeymoon Jr. enjoyed. He rode right into the White House after an easy courtship. Now it’s the morning after and he can’t get any lovin’, because the bride is wondering what’s going on. A lot of strange business went on during the wedding night and he doesn’t seem so trustable anymore.

Sure he said you can trust me, so many times. I won’t bang any interns, you can count on that, but I didn’t say anything about rigging the election. Whether or not Jr. or Jeb or daddy or Cheney or anyone else actually rigged the election doesn’t really matter. It sure looks that way, and we know from the last eight years how appearances turn into investigations. Time for the Republicans to get a taste of their own medicine, and Jr. is the patient witháa probe aiming for the tender spots.

Until the matter is resolved, probably by the courts, Jr. can’t claim the prize. He has no authority without the people’s consent. That’s why he looked so eager the day after the election to claim victory. Momentum is lost. Scandal and doubt have begun, and it’s not too late for an annulment. That day may never come, because there is no telling what details could come out about the vote in Florida, and until the matter is resolved, fully, Bush and Company are the jilted suitors.

The question for the conspiracy theorists is, how did the Bushes do it? Of course, their Plumbers insulate them so no direct link is likely to be found. If so, the sons didn’t learn anything for Poppa Bush. Maybe the sons tried to play ball in his league but didn’t count on the election coming down to a few votes in Jeb’s state and the intense scrutiny that has ensued. Maybe the sons did nothing and the irregularities will turn out to be nothing substantial. Until then doubts will linger, and a heavy cloud will hang over the country.

On election eve the skies opened over Texas after a long drought and poured forth with fury. That fact could end up being the symbol that sums up ElectionGate if the truth ever comes out. No matter though, at least the bride came to her senses at the last moment. If Jr. ever becomes president he faces a wizened public and divided Congress with no mandate or popular authority to lead. What a wedding present.

Maybe daddy’s shoes are too big.

We are about to get to know the real person at the altar, the one who was evident to close observers during the primaries but who reemerged afterward with the cocky smirk wiped off his face and the Alfred E. Newman-meets-Dan Quayle campaign pictures replaced, before voters had a chance to take a hard look at the person filling that expensive suit. Jr. is smug, dull, unprepared, and dangerous, much like Dan Quayle. Not exactly the groom America thought was courting it, but then again, many women have tales of how nice guys can end up being creeps.

As his presidency goes down in scandal and indifference, watch for Jr. to do something major to get some respect, like start a war. There will be plenty of opportunities. Just look at all the old pals from the Bush War Room he’s surrounding himself with. They are itching to go after Saddam, and it will only be a matter of time before the wars start.

Instead of taking the steady, dependable Al Gore, America decided to take the guy with the wild side, only it turns out the guy might be a little wilder than thought. He has already lied about his past (the DUI), inflated his accomplishments (claiming credit for laws he vetoed in Texas), and has now possibly stolen the election.

First week, first scandal: ElectionGate. Just wait until Jr.’s past business dealings are looked into to. Maybe a special prosecutor will be needed. Welcome to Washington George, hope you liked the honeymoon.